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Passive Skill Combos / strategies

ToK Skills are the Tower of Knowledge skills you can buy for Soul Crystals in the game to enhance your marches’ DPS, Control or Sustain, as well as to grant some special effects.

Asking for what is the best blessing or aura on a specific immortal wouldn’t be the correct quesiton. Instead, you should ask what are your team’s strengths and vulnerabilities so you know what auras and blessings best fit your team as a whole.

As an example, Fire has a very strong DPS while being very vulnerable to physical damage. That way, you can push this strength by adding Weakness(increases crit), while adding Oaken(reduces physical damage taken) and Misleading(increases your dodge) to protect you against Physical damage.

In addition, you have to think about how the elemental dragon interacts with ToK skills. For example, the fire dragon scales damage from buff = blessings gain increased value for fire teams. Same with debuffs for Lightning.

You can think about your teams vulnerabilities but some of the best combos are:

For blessings

  • Oaken + Resist: Strong protection for 18s, so it’s the safest option when it comes to blessings.
  • Rage Bless + Energy Suppression: Useful at getting first hits on enemies, meaning they don’t get to do as much damage back to you. Take into account this combo doesn’t work properly for fire*.
  • Oaken + Energy Suppression: Uses the best sides of each of the skills above. Useful for delaying Khan from casting his skill before your Water dragon heals.
  • War Bless + Defense Blesss: More useful for second or third marches, but still a good combo.

For Auras, you can choose 2 to 4 of the following:

  • Malice is such a powerful defensive skill for it’s reduction in crit rates by 20% for the enemy, which basically means you take around 20% less damage. Almost a must have skill for a main team.
  • Weakness: Like Malice but offensive. You buff your crit rate by 20%, so very usefull for any team and a must have for fire or teams that want to use Energy Burst or Chase.
  • Misleading: Increasing your Dodge by 20% means a big reduction in enemy DPS, but also soft-counters Crowd Control(CC) effects like Attila’s silence, as you can dodge 20% of his ultimates.
  • Coercion: Can be used in any team but it is a must have skill on teams that have no mages, such as Lightning and Holy. Not using this skill would make you very vulnerable against Misleading users.
  • Shelter: Very strong healing in a single aura. It is best used in sustain marches like Earth, as the value there only increases as the fight prolongues.
  • Sacrifice: This is a mini version of Weakness. Buffing the DPS of 2 immortals by 15% is still solid and worthy using on second marches.
  • Berserk: Not the best aura but this skill brings some healing and attack speed, so it’s best used in Earth or Wind, since both benefit a lot from increased attack speed.

The most noteworthy combinations you need to know about

The skills availble in the Tower of Knowledge, have a very high variety in terms of effect. While most skills revolve around damage and protection many are more utalitarian and can be used to create powerful combinations. We have tanky skills like Absolute Defense, some give tanks offense ability such as Life Link. Others provide control immunities, i.e. Fighting Master and we have Duel Master, that bring protecting against anti-heal effects.

1. Adrenaline Rush(AR) is great on frontline immortals who have very strong Ultimate Skills and low innate Energy Regen(ER). So it goes great on Charles, William, Saladin, Peter and Attila.

2. Energy Burst(EB) is equivalent to AR but made for backline immortals or immortals with high crit rate. Since Damage over Time(DoT) skills can actually crit, this skill is very well used on Gilgamesh and Elizabeth. But also does very well on the immortals with highest crit in the game: mages(not so good on Wu tho, her natural energy regen is too high already).

Just make sure you are using Death Breath or other high hit rate skills such as Cleave, Nova or Chaotic Blade for the number of crits to be even higher. Other honorable mentions of immortals that go well with EB would be Hippolyta and William, since fire has such high crit rate.

3. Demon Body is an underrated skill. I would call it a mini-Khan, as it bring an anti-heal effect around 1/3 as good as Khan’s.

4. Silence is another underrated skill. It is a mini-Attila! And very good investment early on, as it is a blue skill, only falling behind other stronger skills at the late game.

5. Root is the last of the extreemly underated skills I will mention. It often rivals fire nova / toxic nova in damage and provides more control than Richard!

6. Duel Master is a weaker version of Anger, but brings you immunity to anti-heal, so you could use it on heal based teams.

7. Absolute Defense(AD) is the best defensive skill for backline immortals, as it allows our squishy backlines to negative huge amounts of damage. This skill is very RNG based and needs to be at a high level to be consistent enough

8. Life Link(LL) is a hybrid skill, since it reduces incoming damage while dealing damage back to the enemy. It can be used on any frontline immortal and is best used on Sustain based teams, since healing means you can take and reflect more damage.

9. Fighting Will(FW) does some damage but it’s main use is to root the enemy, disabling them from doing normal attacks and casting ToK skills. A very strong skill in any team, but, again, best used in teams that posses healing, since you can recharge it’s uses.

10. Fighting Master(FM) is great on Crowd Control immortals or mages. The idea is FM is used to protect skills of big value from getting stunned or silenced. So it can be used on Attila, Hippo, Charles or any Mages… to protect their Ultimate skills, and preferably let it protect other big value skills like Annihilation, Fighting Will and Assist.

11. Speaking of Assist, this is one of the best skills in the game. Instead of having multiple immortals carrying Damage skills, this skill allows you to condese all DPS skills on one or two immortals, while the rest of the team focuses on keeping them alive!

There are two main ways of using assist:

  • You can use it on a frontline immortal, by running Assist+FW/LL/FM.
  • Or, you can have it on your Range/Support immortal, by running Assist+AD/FW/LL/FM.

All of these 2 skill combos meantioned are viable. It is recommended to leave the 3rd skill slot for an aura.

Special thank you to Mr. Harddus for providing most of the information above! <3

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Published: 08-06-2022