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Mastering Shelter: The Key to Sustained Battle Endurance in Infinity Kingdom

In the strategic battlegrounds of Infinity Kingdom, every skill and tactic can turn the tide of war. Today’s spotlight shines on “Shelter,” a Tower of Knowledge skill that exemplifies the art of survival and sustained combat. This guide delves into the nuances of Shelter, illustrating its effectiveness in prolonged battles and against specific enemy compositions. By understanding and integrating Shelter into your build, you can significantly enhance your army’s resilience and endurance.

Understanding Shelter: A Defensive Dynamo

Shelter is an aura-based skill that provides a healing buffer for your immortals upon taking damage. It is designed for builds that excel in dragging out the fight, maximizing troop sustainability over time. This skill shines brightest against adversaries that deal numerous smaller instances of damage rather than large, sporadic bursts.

Skill Mechanics: Shelter protects all units on the same side within range, offering a 50% chance of restoring HP at a 40% recovery rate whenever they sustain damage. This mechanism ensures that all your immortals, invariably within range, benefit from potential health restoration with each hit taken.

Ideal Scenarios for Shelter Utilization

Against Consistent Low Damage:

  • Scenario: When facing opponents characterized by consistent, multiple instances of damage—such as holy teams—Shelter emerges as a formidable defensive asset. These adversaries typically chip away at your forces with sustained, but individually less devastating, attacks.
  • Strategy: Deploying Shelter under these conditions provides an additional layer of protection. It enables your immortals to remain steadfast, absorbing and recuperating from the relentless but manageable damage, thus prolonging their presence and effectiveness on the battlefield.

The Dual Nature of Shelter: Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Sustained Combat Efficiency: In battles where endurance and attrition are key, Shelter ensures your troops can withstand extended engagements, gradually outlasting opponents by mitigating the cumulative impact of their attacks.
  • Versatility Against Specific Builds: Particularly effective against holy builds known for their persistent assault, Shelter can neutralize their advantage, maintaining your army’s vitality through continuous healing.


  • Vulnerability to Burst Damage: Despite its prowess in prolonged clashes, Shelter’s utility diminishes against lightning teams and similar builds that prioritize high-intensity, burst damage. The skill’s healing mechanism may not react swiftly or robustly enough to counteract the immediate, severe damage inflicted by these opponents.

Maximizing Shelter’s Potential

To harness Shelter’s full potential, consider the following tactical considerations:

  • Build Composition: Integrate immortals and units that naturally prolong battles through defensive capabilities, healing, or control effects. This synergy amplifies Shelter’s effectiveness by extending the engagement duration, providing more opportunities for healing.
  • Tactical Positioning: Ensure your army composition can evenly distribute incoming damage, allowing Shelter’s healing effect to trigger consistently across your forces. This uniform distribution helps maintain overall troop health and combat readiness.
  • Counter-Strategy Awareness: Recognize scenarios where Shelter may be less effective. Adapt your strategy against burst-damage opponents by supplementing Shelter with skills or tactics that offer immediate damage mitigation or health restoration.


Shelter is a testament to the depth and complexity of strategy within Infinity Kingdom. A free skill accessible to all players, it offers a nuanced approach to combat that emphasizes endurance, resilience, and the strategic interplay between offense and defense. By incorporating Shelter into your arsenal and tailoring your tactics to its strengths, you can craft an army capable of weathering the storm of battle, emerging victorious through sustained combat superiority. Embrace the power of Shelter, and let it be the foundation upon which your enduring legacy is built.

Published: 05-03-2024