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Player Guide: Maximizing the “Concentration” Skill in Infinity Kingdoma

“Concentration” is a fundamental Tower of Knowledge skill available to all players in Infinity Kingdom. Despite its simplicity, it’s a powerhouse that can significantly boost the effectiveness of your magical units throughout all stages of the game. This guide will delve into why “Concentration” is a must-have skill and how to leverage it effectively in your strategy.

Skill Overview

Unlocking and Upgrading

  • Availability: “Concentration” becomes available at level 24, a relatively early stage, making it accessible to new players.
  • Upgrade Value: Investing in upgrading “Concentration” is highly cost-effective, as the benefits it provides remain valuable well into the late game. The investment in purple crystals for upgrading this skill yields substantial returns in enhanced combat performance.

Skill Mechanics

  • Effect: “Concentration” increases the magical damage dealt by the equipped immortal by 30%.
  • Direct Damage Increase: Unlike skills that boost magical attack attributes, such as “Wisdom” which increases the magical attack stat by 60%, “Concentration” directly amplifies the damage output. This direct increase is crucial because it translates into more impactful hits in battle, bypassing the complex calculations that convert magical attack stats into actual damage.

Strategic Applications

Optimal Use Cases

  • Main Mage Enhancement: “Concentration” is ideally suited for your primary mage, whose role is to deal substantial magical damage. By enhancing their output by 30%, “Concentration” ensures that your mage can capitalize on their spells to maximum effect.
  • Synergy with Magical Skills: The skill also amplifies the damage of other Tower of Knowledge skills that deal magical damage. This makes “Concentration” a versatile addition, enhancing not just basic attacks but also skill-based damage.

Tactical Considerations

  • Skill Slot Efficiency: When evaluating the utility of “Concentration” compared to other skills, consider the percentage increase it offers. If you have a skill equipped that provides less than a 30% damage increase and doesn’t offer crucial synergies like “Chase” or “Burst,” replacing it with “Concentration” might boost your overall effectiveness.
  • Balancing Damage and Synergies: While “Concentration” provides a significant damage boost, always weigh this against the benefits of skills that might offer lower damage increases but critical synergistic effects or tactical advantages.

Practical Tips

New Player Strategy

  • Early Prioritization: New players should prioritize acquiring and upgrading “Concentration” as soon as it becomes available. It’s a strategic asset that will serve well from early to late-game scenarios.
  • Skill Evaluation: Regularly assess the contribution of “Concentration” to your team’s performance, especially as you acquire new skills and immortals. Ensure it aligns with your evolving strategy and the strengths of your squad.

Advanced Player Consideration

  • End-Game Scenarios: For end-game players, particularly whales, there might be scenarios where attribute boosts can outperform direct damage increases due to specific game mechanics or interactions. However, for the vast majority, the straightforward damage boost from “Concentration” remains superior.


“Concentration” stands out as an indispensable skill for any player in Infinity Kingdom looking to enhance their magical damage output. Its simplicity in boosting damage directly makes it a reliable and powerful tool in your arsenal. Whether you are a new player establishing your foundation or a veteran optimizing your lineup, “Concentration” offers a clear advantage that can significantly impact your battle outcomes. Prioritize this skill, and watch as your mages become formidable forces on the battlefield.

Published: 07-05-2024