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Countering: With Auras

Aura Tactics: A Comprehensive Guide to Defensive Auras in Infinity Kingdom

In the ever-changing landscape of Infinity Kingdom’s battlefield, mastering the art of defensive auras is a pivotal element in constructing an impregnable team. As we explore the defensive prowess of auras, it’s essential to understand when and how to deploy these strategic enhancements. This guide will delve into the specific scenarios in which each defensive aura shines, providing commanders with the knowledge needed to outmaneuver and outlast their opponents.

  1. Malice – The Crit Counter:
    Scenario: Facing a formidable fire team with a high critical hit rate.
    Strategy: Swap into Malice to reduce the enemy’s damage output, mitigating the impact of critical hits. Malice excels in sustain-focused marches aiming to withstand bursts of damage.
  2. Misleading – Elusive Tactics:
    Scenario: Using a wind or holy marches with naturally high dodge rates. Or facing an enemy without complete Dragon talents for accuracy. Fighting against physical damage that is not hit-capped makes dodge incredibly powerful.
    Strategy: Combine Misleading with evasion-enhancing skills like Afterimage and Wind Protection to make critical hits challenging for opponents. Deploy this aura to ensure your immortals remain resilient and hard to defeat against physical damage teams.
  3. Paralysis – Slowing the Agile:
    Scenario: Battling wind-earth hybrid teams relying on high attack speed.
    Strategy: Utilize Paralysis to disrupt the flow of battle, impairing the enemy’s immortals and gaining a crucial advantage against fast-paced, agile opponents.
  4. Shelter – Against Consistent Low Damage:
    Scenario: Facing opponents with consistent, many instances of damage (e.g., holy teams).
    Strategy: Deploy Shelter to provide additional protection, ensuring your immortals remain resilient and can withstand prolonged assaults from enemies with sustained, but less impactful, damage.
  5. Berserk – Amplifying Attackers:
    Scenario: You are using marches with numerous immortals relying on normal attacks (e.g., Alex and Hannibal).
    Strategy: Activate Berserk to boost the damage output of your immortals, transforming them into relentless attackers capable of swiftly dealing with opponents relying on normal attacks while gaining a surprisingly high rate of healing from Berserk cementing your defensive position.
  6. Spring of Life – Sustained Healing:
    Scenario: Assigning auras to heroes like Theodora and Zenobia.
    Strategy: Combine Spring of Life with other healing skills to ensure continuous healing for your immortals, allowing them to endure longer and maintain their combat effectiveness.


In the strategic realm of Infinity Kingdom, the key to victory lies in understanding the nuances of defensive auras. Each aura is a specialized tool, and commanders must tailor their choices to counter specific threats. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents and strategically selecting defensive auras, you’ll be better equipped to lead your immortals to triumph on the battlefield. So, commanders, consider the battlefield context, choose your auras wisely, and let your strategic prowess shine in the world of Infinity Kingdom!

Published: 19-12-2023