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Blade Vortex

Player Guide: Unleashing the Power of “Blade Vortex” in Infinity Kingdom

“Blade Vortex” stands out as an exceptional Tower of Knowledge skill in Infinity Kingdom, offering unparalleled damage potential. Its introduction marked a significant shift in combat dynamics, further amplified by subsequent buffs that elevated its damage output. Renowned for its high damage per second (DPS), “Blade Vortex” excels in synergy with specific immortals, cementing its place as a top-tier skill for players aiming to maximize their battlefield efficacy.

Skill Overview


“Blade Vortex” is described as follows: “Every 12 seconds after the battle starts, cause physical damage (150%) to 3 random enemy units. Upon a successful hit, the enemy will suffer from the Tear effect, taking physical Damage (150%) every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.” This continuous application ensures a 100% uptime on 3 out of 4 enemy units, with a staggering total of 2250% physical damage dealt upon activation, averaging at 187.5% physical damage per second.

Comparative Damage Output

When compared to other skills like “Spear Impale,” which averages around 60% DPS, “Blade Vortex” significantly outpaces its counterparts, offering the highest damage per second in the game.

All credit for the above information to PO PandaMora who came up with this information in an excel sheet.

Strategic Application

Core Usage

Given its potency, “Blade Vortex” should be a staple in your main march. Its assured debuff application synergizes well with other game mechanics, particularly:

  • Lightning Setups: It ensures a debuff on the enemy, enhancing the lightning dragon’s bonus skill for increased damage.
  • Combination with Loki: Especially effective since Loki’s skills gain potency against enemies suffering from Tear or Bleed debuffs, with “Blade Vortex” increasing Loki’s confuse chance by 25% on debuffed targets.

Ideal Immortals for “Blade Vortex”

This skill is best suited for physical damage dealers, with prime candidates including Khubilai Khan, Poseidon, Peter, and Khan. In non-lightning or holy setups, prioritize immortals with the highest physical damage attributes to maximize the skill’s impact.

Cautions for Use

Avoid pairing “Blade Vortex” with “Garrote” as both apply the Tear effect, and using one will overwrite the other rather than stacking, diminishing potential effectiveness.

Acquiring “Blade Vortex”

Initially exclusive to the Triss event and behind a paywall, the 2.6.7 patch introduced a new pathway for acquisition. Players can now sell skill stones obtained from the Legion of Frostborne for Triss Cinder currency, enabling even free-to-play gamers to secure “Blade Vortex.”


“Blade Vortex” is a game-changer for players in Infinity Kingdom, providing an unmatched DPS advantage. Its strategic implementation, especially in combination with specific immortals and setups, can significantly elevate combat performance. By leveraging the new ability stone selling feature, players have a viable route to acquire this formidable skill, enhancing their arsenal for both PvP and PvE battles. Remember to tailor your strategy to the strengths of “Blade Vortex,” ensuring its optimal use on the battlefield for maximum impact.

Published: 27-03-2024