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Player Guide: Mastering the “Unyielding” Skill in Infinity Kingdom

“Unyielding” is a powerful Tower of Knowledge skill that has become available in Infinity Kingdom through the Triss event and the Triss shop (in exchange for Cinders). As a skill that enhances critical hit capabilities under specific conditions, it can be a game-changer in the right setups, particularly those centered around critical hits. This guide will delve into the mechanics of “Unyielding” and how to effectively integrate it into your battle strategies.

Skill Mechanics

Core Functionality

  • Critical Rate Boost: When your troops drop below 70% health, “Unyielding” increases your critical hit rate by 50%. This significant boost can dramatically increase your damage output in critical phases of a battle.
  • HP Recovery on Hit: Alongside the increase in critical rate, “Unyielding” also allows you to recover HP equivalent to 30% of the physical damage dealt whenever a critical hit lands.

This combination of enhanced critical hits and self-sustain makes “Unyielding” particularly effective in aggressive, damage-focused builds.

Strategic Implementation

Ideal Scenarios

  • Crit-Based Builds: “Unyielding” shines in builds that are heavily reliant on critical hits for damage. The skill’s activation at lower troop health thresholds synergizes well with strategies that engage in high-risk, high-reward combat scenarios.
  • Energy Burst Synergy: Pairing “Unyielding” with “Energy Burst” enhances the consistency of critical hits, further leveraging the burst damage potential of your immortals.

Optimal Use Case: Seondeok in a Fire Team

  • The Perfect Match: Seondeok, known for her potent burst damage capabilities, is the ideal candidate for “Unyielding”. Positioned in a fire-based team, which often eschews sustain for outright offensive power, Seondeok benefits immensely from the critical boosts provided by “Unyielding”.
  • Tactical Deployment: As fire teams generally experience a rapid decrease in troop health, Seondeok can activate “Unyielding” relatively early in combat, allowing her to unleash devastating critical hits that capitalize on her ultimate ability.
  • Maximizing Damage: Although Seondeok’s ultimate no longer triggers off itself, the enhanced critical rate from “Unyielding” ensures that each hit she delivers is maximally effective, potentially turning the tide of battle with swift, powerful strikes.

Building Around Unyielding

To maximize the effectiveness of “Unyielding”, consider the following tips:

  • Equip Critical Enhancing Artifacts: Supplement “Unyielding” with gear and other skills that boost critical damage or rate, ensuring that once “Unyielding” activates, every hit counts.
  • Complementary Skills: Pair “Unyielding” with other skills that either provide damage mitigation or further enhance damage output to make the most of the critical phase.


“Unyielding” is a potent skill that, when strategically deployed, can significantly alter the dynamics of your combat encounters in Infinity Kingdom. Ideal for critical hit-based builds and particularly effective with immortals like Seondeok in fire setups, it promises to deliver thrilling combat performances. With careful planning and the right support, “Unyielding” can transform a battle’s outcome by empowering your immortals to strike harder and survive longer as they tip the scales in your favor.

Published: 30-04-2024