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Player Guide: The most important bad skill in Infinity Kingdom

Stormeye, a Tower of Knowledge skill in Infinity Kingdom, often finds itself overshadowed by more potent damaging and debuff skills. This guide aims to shed light on its effectiveness, strategic use, and an often overlooked benefit of strategically not completing its acquisition.

Overview of Stormeye

Stormeye is designed primarily as a damage-dealing skill with the following mechanics:

  • Official Skill Description: “Every 6 seconds after the battle starts, has a 55% chance of causing Magical Damage (250%) to 3 random enemy units. If the target is under Root effects, Stormeye’s damage increased by 50%.”

Despite its potential for higher damage under specific conditions, Stormeye generally offers lower damage output compared to other skills available in the game.

Comparing DPS Efficiency

When evaluated against other magical damage-dealing skills, Stormeye falls short:

  • DPS without Root: Stormeye averages 68.75% DPS, significantly lower than Toxin Nova and Fire Nova, both of which average around 81.25% DPS.
  • DPS with Root: Potential DPS can rise to 103% if the target is rooted, but achieving this consistently is challenging due to the sporadic nature of Root effects in most battle setups.

Strategic Limitations

The key limitation of Stormeye lies in its reliance on Root effects to maximize its damage output. The narrow window for exploiting this feature, coupled with the lack of additional debuff effects (which skills like Spell Disintegration and Poison Thorn offer), severely limits its utility:

  • Root Dependency: Effective only when used in conjunction with immortals or skills that can reliably apply Root, such as Fighting Will.
  • Inconsistent Performance: Without consistent Root effects, Stormeye’s damage output is often outperformed by other skills that also bring valuable debuffs or higher base damage.

An Unconventional Strategic Advantage

So why is Stormeye the most important bad skill in Infinity Kingdom? We see that it dosen’t deal great damage, but it isn’t useless. It’s just not as good as the other skills in the same category. What makes this skill extreemly valuable is actually not owning it.

Stormeye’s relative underperformance can be turned into a strategic advantage. As one of the weaker skills in terms of battle impact, it becomes an ideal candidate for a strategic non-completion in the Legion of Frostborne rewards:

  • Continuous Skill Stone Acquisition: By intentionally not completing Stormeye, players can continue to purchase its skill stones, convert them into Cinders, and use those to acquire more impactful skills or other valuable items in the Triss shop.
  • Resource Management: This approach allows players to optimize their use of Cold Coins or Gems by continually accessing a resource exchange pathway, thus maximizing the efficiency of their in-game spending.
  • OBS: If you complete all skills available as KvK rewards, you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EARN ANY REWARDS.


While Stormeye does not stand out for its combat effectiveness, its strategic value in resource management strategies should not be overlooked. Players are encouraged to evaluate their current roster and battle strategies to decide if investing beyond the minimal necessary level in Stormeye is beneficial. For many, keeping Stormeye as an open channel for resource conversion might prove more valuable than any damage it could potentially contribute on the battlefield.

Published: 11-06-2024