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Player Guide: Harnessing the Power of “Misleading” in Infinity Kingdom

“Misleading” is a Tower of Knowledge skill in Infinity Kingdom that offers significant defensive potential but requires careful consideration and strategic deployment to be effective. It’s a skill that either defines a battle or becomes a wasted slot, depending on the context and enemy builds. This guide explores how to maximize the effectiveness of “Misleading” and integrate it into your battle strategy.

Skill Mechanics

Core Functionality

  • Effect: “Misleading” is an aura skill that reduces the Accuracy Rate of all enemy units by 20% for the duration of the fight.
  • Impact: A reduced accuracy rate increases the likelihood that enemy attacks will miss your units, effectively making “Misleading” one of the strongest defensive measures available—when it works.

Strategic Application

Understanding Accuracy and Dodge

  • Dodge vs. Accuracy: Battles in Infinity Kingdom are influenced by two opposing attributes—Dodge rate and Accuracy. While Dodge increases your chances of evading an attack, Accuracy is designed to counteract this and ensure hits land.
  • Balancing Act: The effectiveness of “Misleading” hinges on having a higher Dodge rate than the enemy’s Accuracy. If successful, it forces the enemy to miss attacks, which means zero damage dealt during those instances.

Ideal Use Cases

  • High Dodge Builds: “Misleading” excels in builds that naturally have high Dodge rates or are enhanced through other skills and artifacts that boost evasion, such as “After-Image” or Manco’s unique artifact.
  • Enemy Build Analysis: Before deploying “Misleading,” it’s crucial to analyze the likely builds of your opponents. If they invest heavily in Accuracy through their immortals’ attributes, dragon talents, or skills like “Coercion,” the effectiveness of “Misleading” diminishes.

Tactical Considerations

When to Use Misleading

  • Effective Scenarios: Use “Misleading” when you know your opponents have lower Accuracy investments. This is often more feasible in controlled environments or where you have good intelligence on enemy setups.
  • Risky Deployments: Avoid using “Misleading” in high-stakes battles without prior knowledge of the enemy’s build, as it could potentially waste a valuable skill slot if the enemy has high Accuracy.

Building Around Misleading

  • Complementary Skills and Gear: Enhance the effectiveness of “Misleading” by equipping your immortals with gear and skills that increase Dodge rates. This synergistic approach maximizes the chances of enemy attacks missing, leveraging the full defensive potential of “Misleading.”
  • Strategic Immortal Placement: Consider placing immortals with “Misleading” in positions where they can affect the maximum number of enemies, especially against high-damage dealers whose impact you want to mitigate.


“Misleading” offers a powerful defensive capability in Infinity Kingdom, potentially turning the tide of battle by causing enemy attacks to miss. However, its effectiveness is highly contingent on the relative Dodge and Accuracy attributes of engaged forces. Properly utilized, it can render your army nearly untouchable, but it requires careful preparation and a deep understanding of both your and your enemy’s builds. As with any strategy, the key to success with “Misleading” lies in adaptability and informed decision-making, ensuring that each slot in your Tower of Knowledge is optimized for maximum impact on the battlefield.

Published: 07-05-2024