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Adrenaline Rush

Player Guide: Harnessing the Power of “Adrenaline Rush” in Infinity Kingdom

“Adrenaline Rush” stands out as a quintessential skill within the Tower of Knowledge in Infinity Kingdom, renowned for its capacity to significantly enhance energy regeneration. This skill is a game-changer from the early stages of the game through to the late and end-game, offering strategic depth and versatility across various immortal lineups.

Skill Overview

“Adrenaline Rush” operates under a simple yet powerful premise: “Every Normal Attack has a 50% chance of gaining 150 extra Energy.” This mechanic essentially boosts the energy gain rate, enabling immortals to execute their ultimate abilities more frequently. This attribute is especially beneficial for immortals whose combat effectiveness is heavily reliant on their ultimate skills.

Strategic Synergies

“Adrenaline Rush” isn’t just potent in isolation; its true strength is unveiled when combined with other skills that activate upon casting ultimate abilities.

Skills such as “Energy Burst,” “Full Coverage,” “Corrosive,” and even ultimates such as e.g. Hippolytta’s or Seondeok’s benefit from the increased energy regeneration, leading to more frequent activations and a cascading effect of enhanced battlefield control and damage output.

Immortal Pairings

Ideal Candidates for “Adrenaline Rush”

  • Hippolyta (Hippo): The skill ensures Hippolyta can more consistently apply her regen and attack speed debuffs, maintaining pressure on enemy units.
  • Genghis Khan: Accelerates the application of the wounds debuff, crucial for weakening enemy formations swiftly.
  • Khubilai Khan: Enhances the frequency of his debuff application, bolstering the team’s overall damage potential against weakened foes.
  • Tomyris and Loki: Boosts the uptime of control abilities, ensuring enemies remain incapacitated for a larger portion of the engagement.
  • Himiko: Similar to Khan, “Adrenaline Rush” enhances her control capabilities, with the added benefit of increased damage output due to quicker ultimate ability casts.
  • Support Immortals (Mathilda, Cyrus, Fu Fei): Even utility and support-oriented immortals can greatly benefit from “Adrenaline Rush,” as it allows for more frequent casting of crucial support abilities, enhancing the team’s survivability and strategic options.

Maximizing “Adrenaline Rush”

To fully exploit the “Adrenaline Rush” skill, players should:

  1. Tailor Their Lineup: Choose immortals that benefit most from rapid energy regeneration and whose ultimate abilities significantly impact the battle’s outcome.
  2. Combine with Complementary Skills: Pair “Adrenaline Rush” with skills that either enhance energy regeneration further or whose effects are triggered by ultimate ability casts to create a synergistic skill set.
  3. Strategic Equipment Selection: Equip artifacts and gear that enhance energy regeneration or ultimate ability potency to amplify the effects of “Adrenaline Rush.”


“Adrenaline Rush” is a versatile and potent skill that can elevate the capabilities of many immortals in Infinity Kingdom. Its ability to drastically increase the frequency of ultimate ability casts opens up new strategic possibilities and combinations, making it an invaluable asset for any player looking to optimize their immortal lineup. Whether you’re a free-to-play enthusiast or a seasoned veteran, integrating “Adrenaline Rush” into your strategy can lead to significant improvements in both offensive and defensive engagements.

Published: 09-04-2024