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ToK Passives Upgrade Costs

Passive Upgrade Costs

lvl 1 (Unlock)5002,0008,00020,000
lvl 27208409601,200
lvl 31,4401,6801,9202,400
lvl 42,8803,3603,8404,800
lvl 54,0006,3007,2009,000
lvl 610,80012,6001,40018,000
lvl 725,20028,80036,000
lvl 832,00057,60072,000

Upgrading even just a single march with elite/epic passives will quickly cost you upwards of 2 million purple crystals (1,960,800).

So how do we earn this high demand ressource? There are many ways of obtaining them, read much more about purple crystals in my guide: /passives/purple-crystal-maximum-efficiency