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Spring of Life

Player Guide: Maximizing the “Spring of Life” Skill in Infinity Kingdom

“Spring of Life” stands out as a top-tier skill in Infinity Kingdom, especially effective in sustain-focused setups. Its dual benefits of enhancing healing received and providing damage mitigation make it a crucial skill for maintaining high troop counts and enhancing overall battlefield endurance.

Capabilities of Spring of Life

“Spring of Life” is an aura skill that significantly bolsters the resilience of your troops by:

  • Increasing Healing Received: All friendly units benefit from a 25% increase in healing received, which can be pivotal in prolonged engagements.
  • Damage Mitigation Buff: After receiving healing, units gain a 15% reduction in damage taken for 3 seconds. This not only boosts survival but also ensures that your immortals can withstand high bursts of enemy damage.

Strategic Deployment of Spring of Life

Ideal Setups

To maximize the effectiveness of “Spring of Life,” integrate it into lineups that naturally include healing capabilities. Immortals such as Theodora, Zenobia, and Fu Fei, known for their strong healing outputs, are perfect candidates for this skill. The synergy between their healing abilities and the “Spring of Life” ensures that your troops not only recover faster but also become tougher to take down.

Skill Synergy

  • Combination with Purification: Pairing “Spring of Life” with skills like Purification, which provides periodic healing ticks, can optimize the frequency of the damage mitigation buff. This combination ensures that your immortals consistently benefit from both enhanced healing and reduced damage intake.
  • Use with Other Healing Modifiers: Consider using “Spring of Life” alongside other skills or items that boost healing effectiveness or frequency. This can turn your formation into a highly resilient force capable of sustaining through most of the damage that enemy formations can output.

Tactical Considerations

  • High Uptime on Damage Mitigation: Aim to maintain as high an uptime as possible on the damage mitigation buff by ensuring regular healing. The more frequently your troops are healed, the more consistently they will benefit from reduced damage, which can be decisive in tight battles.
  • Counter to High-Damage Setups: “Spring of Life” is particularly effective against enemy setups that rely on high bursts of damage. By increasing healing received and continuously activating the damage mitigation buff, you can effectively blunt the enemy’s offensive spikes.


“Spring of Life” is an invaluable skill in any healer’s toolkit within Infinity Kingdom, providing crucial benefits that can turn the tide of battle in sustain-heavy or healer-centric lineups. By strategically pairing this skill with the right immortals and complementary skills, you can create a nearly indomitable formation that thrives under pressure and sustains through the toughest battles. Whether used in defensive stances or as part of a balanced strategy, “Spring of Life” ensures your forces remain fighting fit throughout the fray.

Published: 16-04-2024