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Player Guide: Mastering the “Assist” Skill in Infinity Kingdom

“Assist” is one of the foundational skills in Infinity Kingdom, known for its strategic depth and versatility. Although its popularity has fluctuated over the years, “Assist” remains a crucial skill in many top-tier builds due to its ability to manipulate damage distribution effectively. This guide explores how to best utilize the “Assist” skill to protect key immortals and enhance your overall battle strategy.

What Does “Assist” Do?

“Assist” is a defensive skill that activates every 10 seconds, targeting one random backrow allied unit. The mechanics of the skill are as follows:

  • Damage Transfer: When activated, all damage received by the assisted unit is transferred to the immortal equipped with “Assist.”
  • Damage Reduction: The immortal with “Assist” will receive 25% less damage for 6 seconds when the skill activates.

This skill is particularly valuable in protecting vital backline units, ensuring they can continue to deal damage or provide support without the risk of being quickly eliminated.

Strategic Implementation of Assist

1. Protecting Key Backline Immortals

  • Dual Backline Setup: In formations where two immortals are positioned in the back, equipping “Assist” on one ensures that the other, typically a crucial damage dealer or controller, receives protection. This setup is ideal when you rely heavily on a specific backline immortal for your strategy’s success.

2. Utilizing “Assist” on Support Immortals

  • Damage Redistribution: Use “Assist” on a support immortal whose troop count is less critical to their function, such as Tomyris. This strategy keeps more essential immortals like Himiko safer, as Tomyris’s contributions to the battle are not heavily dependent on her troop count.

3. Combining “Assist” with Defensive Skills

  • Enhanced Protection: When using “Assist” on immortals whose effectiveness depends on their troop count (e.g., healers like Zenobia or Theodora), it’s beneficial to pair “Assist” with additional defensive skills:
    • Absolute Defense and Void Realm: These skills provide robust damage mitigation, enhancing the survivability of immortals taking transferred damage.

In the above you see 3.3 million damage shielded by Absolute Defense, may not seem overly much but it is given the relative short duration and our overall mitigation build, it actually is quite significant. Comparatively the top tier skill Energy Shield provided us 4m shielding in the same fight. Absolute Defensive giving good value in synergy with assist!

  • Life Link: This skill can be particularly synergistic, as it not only helps in reducing incoming damage but also transfers some of the absorbed damage back to the enemy, further leveraging the defensive setup.

Effective Builds with Assist

  • Support-Heavy Build: Equip “Assist” on a durable support immortal in a formation that includes high-value targets requiring protection. This setup allows your primary units to operate with decreased risk.
  • Balanced Defense Build: In a balanced team, “Assist” can protect your strategic assets while diversified defensive skills across your team manage the redistributed damage effectively.


“Assist” offers a unique strategic advantage by allowing players to control where damage is directed within their formation. This capability is critical in protecting key units and maintaining the integrity of your battle strategy. Whether shielding a high-impact damage dealer or ensuring the longevity of your support immortals, “Assist” provides the flexibility and protection needed to adapt and overcome various battle challenges. Proper utilization of this skill can significantly enhance your team’s performance in both offensive and defensive aspects of the game.

Published: 30-04-2024