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Countering: Normal Attack Damage

Mastering the Art of Countering Normal Attack Damage in Infinity Kingdom

Prepare to navigate the challenges posed by high-speed normal attack immortals with this comprehensive infographic guide. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you explore and maximize the information presented in this visual guide.

Normal Attack Skills to counter

First, we delve into the potent skills employed by normal attack immortals. Understanding these abilities is key to formulating an effective defense strategy.

  • Anger, Duel Master, Onslaught: Skills that enhance normal attack damage output.
  • Wind Rage, Cleave, Berserker, Combo: Skills used in combination with high-speed normal attacks.

Physical Damage Mitigation

Secondly, let us discover skills that specifically mitigate physical damage, countering the high normal attack immortals effectively.

  • Oaken Guard: Offers a protective aura that reduces incoming damage.
  • Blessing of Defense: Provides universal damage reduction, including physical attacks.
  • Physical Shield: Additional protection against physical damage.
  • Fighting Master: Enhances resistance to physical damage and makes the user immune to Cavalry Stun.
  • Weakness Protection: Guards against physical damage and strengthens your immortals.
  • Void Realm: Bolsters damage mitigation abilities.

Here you can see my hybrid Alexander against someone running Physical shield and against a similar enemy without physical protection:

It is very important that you counter with strong physical damage mitigation skills when facing an enemy like Alexander in a hybrid build.

Control and Counterplay

We can also explore control tactics and counterplay strategies to reduce the impact of high-speed normal attacks.

  • Paralysis: Slows down enemy normal attack frequency.
  • Root: A control skill that prevents normal attacks, countered by control immunity.
  • Fighting Will: Enhances control through root effects.
  • Weakening Curse: Disarms the enemy, providing high defense against physical damage.

Dodge and Evasion: Dodging the Onslaught

In this section, we explore the art of dodging physical attacks to mitigate damage.

  • Manco: An immortal known for stacking dodge rating.
  • Misleading and After-image: Skills that enhance dodge chance and allow you to outpace the enemy’s accuracy rating.

Toxin Barrier: Turning the Tables

Discover how to leverage the high attack speed of normal attack immortals to your advantage with the Toxin Barrier skill. Against an Immortal such as Alexander in a hyper-attack speed build, we can quickly turn the tables and use the high frequency of incomming attacks to quickly activate the high damage of Toxin Barrier back at our attacker.

General Damage Mitigation: Universal Protection

While not specific to normal attack defense, these skills offer general protection and sustenance against damage.

  • Shelter: Provides healing upon taking hits.
  • Malice: Guards against critical hits.
  • Healing and Shielding Effects: General sustain and protection against damage.

With this infographic as your guide, you’re equipped to craft an effective strategy to counter the onslaught of high-speed normal attack immortals in Infinity Kingdom. Learn to maximize your defenses and outsmart your adversaries as you embark on your grand adventures.

Additional countermeasures

In addition to setting up the correct Tower of Knowledge skills builds to counter your enemy, you can also use Immortal configurations like Cid or Hippo to hard counter attack speed and normal attack damage. And you can build your artifacts towards greater physical defense. Read more about artifacts here.

Published: 02-11-2023