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Rage Blessing

Player Guide: Maximizing Potential with Rage Blessing in Infinity Kingdom

Rage Blessing is an essential Tower of Knowledge skill available to all players once they reach level 34. It is particularly valuable for its ability to drastically enhance energy regeneration, playing a pivotal role in builds designed to dominate the energy game. This guide explores how to effectively integrate Rage Blessing into your strategic arsenal to maximize its benefits.

Skill Overview

Rage Blessing is a game-changing skill that boosts the energy regeneration speed of three random units by 50% for the first 12 seconds of battle. This significant increase can accelerate the rate at which your immortals unleash their ultimate abilities, giving you an early advantage in skirmishes.

Strategic Applications

Rage Blessing is especially beneficial in lightning and fire builds, where rapid energy regeneration is crucial for unleashing powerful attacks early on. Here are some strategies to make the most out of Rage Blessing:

Early Battle Dominance: By boosting energy regeneration right at the start, you can potentially activate your immortals’ powerful abilities sooner than your opponent, allowing for early control or significant damage output which can sway the battle in your favor.

    Synergistic Pairings:

    • Energy Suppression: Pairing Rage Blessing with Energy Suppression can create a disparity in energy levels between your team and the opponent’s, crippling their ability to respond with ultimate abilities.
    • No Escape: While No Escape can silence enemies preventing them from gaining energy, using Rage Blessing in conjunction with it on different units can ensure your other immortals pump out their ultimates swiftly before the enemy can recover from silence.

      Building Around Rage Blessing

      To fully leverage Rage Blessing, consider these tips for building your team:

      • Select Fast-Acting Immortals: Choose immortals who benefit significantly from quick energy gains, such as those with devastating early-game ultimate abilities.
      • Avoid Overlap with No Escape: Ensure that immortals targeted by No Escape are not your primary recipients of Rage Blessing’s benefits, to avoid nullifying its effect.

      Limitations and Considerations

      While Rage Blessing is a formidable skill, it does have its limitations:

      • Randomness: The skill targets three random units, which means it may not always affect your key immortals.
      • Vulnerability to Silencing: As mentioned, the effect of Rage Blessing can be completely negated if the immortals are silenced.


      Rage Blessing is a potent skill for any player looking to gain an upper hand in the early seconds of combat. It is particularly effective in fast-paced builds that aim to overwhelm opponents with quick successive ultimates. When integrated thoughtfully, Rage Blessing can transform the dynamics of your battle strategy, providing you with a crucial advantage at the onset of combat.

      Published: 28-05-2024