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In-Depth Player Guide: Mastering the “Sniper” Skill in Infinity Kingdom

The Sniper skill emerges as a formidable asset in the arsenal of backline physical damage dealers (ranged type Immortals) within the strategic depths of Infinity Kingdom. Obtainable through participation in the Legion of Frostborne event or via a special 5-day bundle, Sniper specializes in delivering devastating physical damage to a singular enemy target, prioritizing the unit positioned furthest from the skill’s wielder. This guide delves into the nuances of leveraging Sniper to its fullest potential, elucidating tactics for precise targeting, synergistic play, and strategic applications that can elevate your combat effectiveness.

Becoming a sniper

Sniper is distinguished by its capacity to inflict significant damage on key enemy combatants, particularly those stationed in the rear echelons of the opposing formation. The skill’s design allows players to tactically eliminate or weaken pivotal backline adversaries, such as a primary damage dealer, thereby disrupting the enemy’s strategic framework and diminishing their overall combat efficacy.

Key Features:

  • Target Specificity: Automatically targets the enemy furthest from the skill’s holder.
  • High Damage Output: Deals substantial physical damage, making it ideal for taking out high-value targets quickly.
  • Strategic Positioning: Enables precise manipulation of target selection through strategic placement of your Immortals.

Strategic Deployment

Aligning with Battle Formations

Understanding the enemy formation is crucial. By positioning your Sniper-equipped Immortal appropriately, you can ensure the skill targets the enemy’s key backline unit. This requires careful observation of opponent setups and predicting their strategic placements.

Synergistic Pairings

The synergy between Sniper and control skills, such as those possessed by Himiko, amplifies its strategic value. For instance, pairing Sniper with Himiko’s ability to target the backliner with the highest troop count allows for tailored control and damage focus. Utilizing Sniper to eliminate or weaken secondary backline targets ensures Himiko’s control effects are directed towards the intended primary target, like Loki, maximizing the disruption to the enemy’s tactical setup.

Tactical Examples

  • Against High-Value Targets: If the enemy formation features a potent damage dealer like Loki in the backline, equipping Sniper on a backline Immortal such as Bathory and positioning her to target the enemy’s secondary backline Immortal can isolate Loki as Himiko’s control target.
  • Disrupting Enemy Formations: In scenarios where the enemy deploys multiple backline threats, Sniper can be used to systematically weaken these threats, thereby reducing the pressure on your frontline and allowing your own damage dealers and controllers to operate with greater efficiency.


While Sniper may not be categorized as an obligatory S-tier must-have skill, its strategic value and potential for high-impact plays render it a formidable option for backline physical damage dealers. When wielded with tactical foresight and in synergy with complementary skills and strategies, Sniper becomes an absolute game-changer on the battlefield. Mastery of this skill involves not only understanding its mechanics but also integrating it into a broader combat strategy that leverages positioning, synergy, and timing to outmaneuver and outdamage your adversaries. Embrace the precision and power of snipes to elevate your Infinity Kingdom gameplay to new heights.

Published: 13-02-2024