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Coutering: Magical Damage

Mastering the Art of Countering Magical Damage in Infinity Kingdom

In the ever-shifting landscape of Infinity Kingdom, battles are often a showcase of immense power and varied abilities, including the formidable domain of magical damage. To emerge victorious in the face of these mystical onslaughts, understanding the art of countering magical damage is an absolute necessity.

Here, we’ll explore a range of skills that can protect your immortals from the mystical onslaughts of your adversaries.

Types of Magical Damage

Magical damage can manifest in various forms, and understanding the skills at your disposal is paramount in defending against it. Here are the prominent skills and damage sources you should be aware of:

  • Chase, Toxic & Fire Nova, Annihilation, Poison Thorn, Concentration, Death Breath, Spell Disintegration: These are powerful sources of magical damage used by many immortals.

Counter Strategies

Shielding and Resistance: Pure Defense

To counter magical damage effectively, you can harness various skills that specifically protect against it. These include:

  • Resist and Magical Shield: These skills offer protection against magical damage specifically.
  • Jade Barrier: A versatile skill that provides shielding against all damage types and reduces incoming magical damage, making it particularly efficient against mystical assaults.
  • Blessing of Defense: A general damage reduction skill that mitigates all incoming damage, including magical attacks.
  • Weakness Protection: This skill provides key immortals with protection from both physical and magical damage.
  • Energy Shield: A shielding effect that offers protection from damage in general.

Control and Silencing: The Power of Restraint

Control is a potent way to counter magical damage, especially against immortals who rely on casting their spells. Utilize the following skills to silence and control your magical adversaries:

  • Silence: Prevents enemies from casting ultimate skills and energy regeneration.
  • Siren’s Gaze and No Escape: These control skills provide effective ways to disrupt enemy mages and casters.

Malice Aura: Shield Against Critical Hits

Magical damage often comes in potent bursts, and you don’t want to face a critical hit.

Use skills like Malice to protect against critical hits, which can be particularly powerful against magical damage.

Transferance and Tanking: Shifting the Burden

Mitigating magical damage can also involve transferance and tanking immortals. These strategies help divert and distribute damage more effectively:

  • Guard and Assist: Skills that transfer incoming damage to specific tank immortals.
  • Absolute Defense and Void Realm: Skills that bolster the ability of tanking immortals to absorb and mitigate damage.

Universal Mitigation: Healing Effects

Healing effects, while primarily seen as sources of health regeneration, also function as universal damage mitigations. They keep your immortals healthier and better able to withstand the barrage of magical damage.

As you venture into the world of Infinity Kingdom, these skills and strategies will serve as your shield against the formidable magical damage from your adversaries. Master the art of countering magical damage, and watch your immortals thrive amidst the mystical storm.

Published: 24-10-2023