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Unleash the power of Root!

Within the magical realms of Infinity Kingdom, the Tower of Knowledge harbors a wealth of powerful skills that can turn the tide of battles. One such skill, known as “Root,” often remains hidden in the shadows despite its remarkable potential. In this article, we shed light on the underrated passive ability of Root, exploring its mechanics, benefits, and strategic applications.

Unleashing the Power of Root: Root is a triggered passive skill found within the Tower of Knowledge. When activated, it possesses a 45% chance to deliver a single instance of 350% magical damage while simultaneously applying the Root control effect to the targeted enemy Immortal. Though classified as a rare-quality skill rather than epic, Root’s true strength lies in its versatility and cost-effectiveness.

Strategic Applications:

  1. Low Soul Crystal Costs: One of the standout features of Root is its ability to be applied at a relatively low cost. By utilizing this passive skill, players can unleash a formidable control effect and deal substantial magical damage without exhausting excessive resources. This makes Root an excellent choice for those seeking to maximize efficiency while keeping their soul crystal expenditure in check.
  2. Boss Battles and Single Target Encounters: Root’s potency truly shines in boss battles and scenarios where single-target control is crucial. The skill’s ability to immobilize an enemy Immortal provides a strategic advantage, preventing them from executing devastating attacks or unleashing powerful skills. Whether it’s a formidable boss or a high-priority target, Root can be a game-changer, allowing players to gain the upper hand in challenging encounters.
  3. Synergy with Multiple Mages: For those commanding a force of two or more mages, Root becomes an invaluable asset. The probability of triggering the passive skill increases with each mage equipped with Root, enhancing the overall control potential of the team. By skillfully coordinating attacks, players can stack Root effects on a single target, effectively immobilizing them for extended periods and mitigating potential threats posed by opposing Immortals.

Conclusion: In the realm of Infinity Kingdom, the Tower of Knowledge offers a myriad of skills to wield, each with its unique attributes and strategic applications. Among them, Root emerges as a hidden gem, often overlooked but holding immense power within its grasp. Its ability to inflict substantial magical damage and apply the Root control effect, combined with its cost-effectiveness, makes Root a must-have skill for those seeking to excel in battles with low soul crystal costs, single-target encounters, and multiple mage setups. Unlock the potential of Root, and watch as your enemies become ensnared in its potent grasp.

Published: 18-07-2023