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Last Stand

Skill News: Introducing the new Chaos skill the “Last Stand” Skill in Infinity Kingdom

“Last Stand” is the latest addition to the arsenal of Tower of Knowledge skills in Infinity Kingdom, specifically within the chaos category. This guide will delve into the mechanics of this formidable skill, its implications in the game’s meta, particularly for high-level play, and what makes it a significant investment for the biggest spenders in the game.

Skill Overview

Availability and Cost

“Last Stand” is a chaos-tier skill, which is the highest rarity for skills in Infinity Kingdom. It requires a substantial investment to unlock and maximize:

  • Skill Stones Needed: To fully upgrade “Last Stand,” players need 290 skill stones.
  • Acquisition: Available exclusively through wishes during the Triss event.
  • Expected Cost: With an average drop chance of 4%, acquiring enough skill stones for “Last Stand” could necessitate around 7,000 wishes, making it one of the most expensive items in the game.

Skill Mechanics

  • Activation Condition: “Last Stand” activates when your troops are below 70% of their total count.
  • Effects:
    • Damage Reduction: Reduces damage taken by 60%.
    • Damage Increase: Boosts damage dealt by 60%.

Strategic Implications

Comparisons to Existing Skills

“Last Stand” offers the combined benefits of multiple top-tier defensive and offensive skills, but in a single slot: Comparatively, Physical shield and Anger has been used for three years now as some of the strongest skills to respectively reducing incoming damage and increase your damage dealt.

These are a great comparison for this skill as using two skill slots on physical and magical shield gives you a solid 30% damage taken reduction – half of what this skill does! Albeit you gain the effect only under 70% troop count, but still incredble! Combine that with 2x anger (anger = 30% damage buff) and this single skill has the inherent value of 2x physical shield, 2x magical shield and 2x anger/concentration. But it takes up one slot!

  • Physical and Magical Shield: Normally, occupying two skill slots to achieve a 30% damage reduction, “Last Stand” provides double that reduction under its activation condition.
  • Anger/Concentration: Similarly, while each of these skills provides a 30% damage boost, “Last Stand” doubles this effect as well.

Looking at a chaos setup with Last Stand available it is going to be very difficult to deal real impactful damage to their key damage dealer, and at the same time you will take massive amounts of incoming damage if you are able to even break the 70% barrier and reach activation! Scary skill for sure!

Meta Impact

The introduction of “Last Stand” is poised to significantly influence the strategic choices at the highest levels of play, particularly among players who can afford the heavy investment (whales):

  • Breakthrough Capability: In a meta dominated by dual healer backlines, “Last Stand” offers a potential counter by significantly enhancing both the survivability and damage output of chaos immortals.
  • Shift from Defense to Offense: Its powerful effects may encourage top players to rethink strategies that heavily favor sustain and defense, potentially reducing the prevalence of immortals like Theodora in favor of more offensive or balanced setups.

Considerations for Use

Build Synergy

  • Critical Thresholds: Players will need to manage their troop health strategically to ensure “Last Stand” activates when most needed.
  • Complementary Skills: Pairing “Last Stand” with skills that enhance energy recovery, critical hits, or further damage mitigation can amplify its effectiveness.

Whale Territory

  • Given its cost and the rarity of required resources, “Last Stand” is realistically only accessible to the game’s biggest spenders. This exclusivity ensures that its impact, while potentially meta-defining, will be confined to the upper echelons of player rankings.


“Last Stand” embodies a significant evolution in the strategic dynamics of Infinity Kingdom. Its potent combination of defensive and offensive enhancements in a single skill slot sets it apart as a potential game-changer for those who can afford to integrate it into their builds. As more top-tier players begin to unlock and deploy this skill, its true effect on the game’s competitive meta will become clearer. For now, it remains a symbol of high-stake investments yielding potentially unmatched battlefield supremacy.

Published: 01-05-2024