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Wine and Dine – a truely delicious passive

Tower of Knowledge Skill Spotlight: Unleashing the Power of “Wine and Dine”

The ever-evolving world of Infinity Kingdom introduces a new and formidable passive skill within the Tower of Knowledge called “Wine and Dine.” With the recent 2.6 update, this skill has swiftly captured the attention of seasoned players and promises to become an essential addition to many prevailing meta setups. In this article, we delve into the mechanics, significance, and strategic applications of the powerful new passive known as “Wine and Dine.”

Unveiling the Power of Wine and Dine: Freshly introduced with the 2.6 update, Wine and Dine offers a remarkable passive ability that is poised to reshape battles in Infinity Kingdom. When an Immortal restores hit points to any target, this skill triggers with a 50% chance to grant the healed target an additional 30% damage increase buff, in addition to the health regained. This simple yet potent effect holds tremendous value and has quickly become a highly sought-after skill in players’ arsenals.

A Game-Changing Passive Skill

Wine and Dine holds immense significance due to its game-changing implications for various meta setups. Its impact is particularly pronounced for players employing holy, earth, and hybrid compositions, where healers play a pivotal role in supporting damage dealers.

Amplifying Damage Output: The ability to grant a 30% damage increase buff to a target being healed is an invaluable asset in any battle. By equipping Wine and Dine to a healer, players can ensure that their damage dealers receive this substantial damage boost. This opens up new possibilities for strategic planning, allowing players to optimize their team’s offensive capabilities and unleash devastating attacks on their opponents.

Synergy with Holy, Earth, and Hybrid Compositions: Holy, earth, and hybrid compositions often rely on healers to sustain their Immortals on the battlefield. With Wine and Dine in play, healers gain an additional layer of significance as they become instrumental in not only restoring health but also enhancing the damage potential of their allies. This skill synergizes exceptionally well with these compositions, elevating their effectiveness and granting them a competitive edge in battles.

Clearing Misconceptions

One common misunderstanding regarding Wine and Dine arises from its description text, which can be misleading. Some players initially believe that the skill only applies to the Immortal to which it is equipped. However, this is not the case. Wine and Dine’s true power lies in allowing healers to bestow the damage increase buff upon their damage dealers, greatly augmenting their offensive capabilities and solidifying its status as a must-have passive skill.


With the advent of the 2.6 update, the Tower of Knowledge introduces “Wine and Dine,” a new passive skill that quickly becomes a game-changer in Infinity Kingdom. Its ability to grant a 30% damage increase buff when healing any target makes it an invaluable addition to players’ arsenals. Particularly for holy, earth, and hybrid compositions, Wine and Dine offers unparalleled strategic opportunities, ensuring damage dealers receive a significant offensive boost. It is a skill that heralds a new era of battle dynamics and is poised to become an essential component of winning strategies in Infinity Kingdom. Embrace the power of Wine and Dine, and witness your team’s damage potential reach unprecedented heights.

Published: 18-07-2023