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Spell Disintegration in 5 day bundles

Player Guide: Maximizing the Spell Disintegration Bundle in Infinity Kingdom

Overview: The new Spell Disintegration bundle in Infinity Kingdom offers an outstanding opportunity for players. Priced at $20 per day over five days, this bundle allows players to acquire a total of 50 stone fragments for $100. This represents a significant value, especially considering the powerful capabilities of the Spell Disintegration skill.

Worth it?

Skill Analysis: Spell Disintegration is a formidable skill that inflicts substantial magic damage and applies a debuff increasing the magical damage taken by the enemy. This makes it an essential skill for any player focusing on magic damage in their builds.

Key Features:

  • High Damage Output: The skill’s primary feature is its ability to deal high magic damage, making it a game-changer in battles.
  • Debuff Application: The debuff increases magical damage taken by the enemy, enhancing the overall damage output of your team.
  • Activation Frequency: Unlike most skills that activate every 6 seconds, Spell Disintegration activates every 3 seconds, providing more frequent damage instances. This increased frequency enhances its synergy with other skills.


  • With Proc Skills: The skill’s frequent activation makes it synergize well with skills like Energy Burst and Chase, maximizing damage output.
  • Immortal Compatibility: Spell Disintegration is highly effective on mages such as Wu, Hammurabi, Merlin, and Himiko. Its versatility also allows it to be used effectively on supports like Cyrus in Wu Cyrus fire or Hippo for burst procs and debuff application.

Strategic Usage:

  • Mage Builds: Incorporate it into mage-focused teams to maximize magic damage output.
  • Support Roles: Use it on support immortals not just for damage but for the strategic application of debuffs in battles.
  • Balancing Teams: Combine it with immortals and skills that complement its strengths and mitigate any team vulnerabilities.

Conclusion: The Spell Disintegration bundle is a highly advantageous deal for Infinity Kingdom players. Its cost-effectiveness, coupled with the skill’s potent damage-dealing and debuffing capabilities, makes it an attractive addition to a wide range of builds. Whether used on a mage for direct damage or a support for strategic debuffing, Spell Disintegration can significantly enhance your battle effectiveness in the game. This bundle is a must-have for players looking to elevate their magic damage strategies.

Note: Always consider your current lineup and strategy when integrating new skills to ensure the best synergy and overall team performance.

Published: 24-01-2024