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Full Coverage (new bundle 2.6.3)

Unleash Destruction: The “Full Coverage” Skill Bundle Guide in Infinity Kingdom

Introduction: A brand new opportunity has just hit Infinity Kingdom, offering players the chance to acquire the coveted “Full Coverage” skill at an incredibly low cost. This guide will provide an in-depth look at this limited-time 5-day bundle event, offering a comprehensive breakdown of the “Full Coverage” skill, the event mechanics, and whether it’s worth investing $150 to unlock this game-changing skill.

Full Coverage Skill: A Game-Changer The “Full Coverage” skill is a physical damage skill that synergizes exceptionally well with high energy regeneration builds and immortals. This skill unleashes destruction with the following effect: “After each release of an energy skill, there is a 70% chance to deal physical damage to the entire enemy team at a damage rate of 90%.”

It is an excellent skill for Immortals such as Hippolytta, Khubilaikhan and others where you run a high amount of energy regen.

5-Day Bundle Event: A Bargain Opportunity In this event, players have the chance to obtain the “Full Coverage” skill, which has been a difficult skill to acquire until now. The event spans five days, and each day costs $5, allowing you to purchase one skill stone. After buying the skill stone for all five days, you receive a bonus of 5 stones for free, totaling 10 stones. This means you can unlock the skill with just $25 during the event. As the event returns, you can continue building your stockpile. After six events, with a total cost of $150, you’ll unlock the skill.

Worth it?

Is It Worth the Investment? The burning question is whether investing $150 in the “Full Coverage” skill is a worthwhile endeavor. The resounding answer is a resounding YES. This skill is a game-changer, and players are already incorporating it into their top-tier builds. The cost of $150 for such a skill is a fraction of what players are accustomed to spending on similar skills in Infinity Kingdom.

The Power of Full Coverage The “Full Coverage” skill is exceptionally powerful, especially when combined with high energy regeneration builds. Immortals with inherent high energy regeneration benefit the most from this skill. However, immortals that already synergize with high energy regeneration builds become exceptionally potent when paired with “Full Coverage.”

Setting up “Full Coverage” on an immortal like Hippolytta or Khubilaikhan, along with abilities such as Adrenaline Rush or Energy Burst, leads to massive damage output. One caveat to keep in mind is that high energy regeneration builds often feature frontliners like Hippolytta and Khubilai Khan. These frontliners are frequently high-cast-rate immortals, but their troop count may decrease rapidly, especially when facing formidable foes like Alexander.

The damage dealt by “Full Coverage” is scaled from troop count at the time of casting. Therefore, for the skill to shine, you need to ensure the survival of your frontliners. This may involve strategies like facing enemy tanks or adopting a void-guard support lineup to maximize the skill’s potential.

In conclusion, the “Full Coverage” skill bundle in Infinity Kingdom is an unbeatable opportunity to acquire a top-tier skill at a fraction of the cost players usually expect to spend. The skill’s synergy with high energy regeneration builds and select immortals makes it a game-changing addition to your arsenal. If you have the means, don’t miss out on this chance to unlock the power of “Full Coverage” for just $150. Unleash destruction and leave your mark on the battlefield!

Published: 27-10-2023