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Alliance Rewards

Rewards as an Alliance member

1. Earn Alliance Coins by participating in Alliance activities, upgrading cities, and donating daily.

These coins can be used to purchase Immortal Fragments (build new Immortals or turn it into a stream of Purple Crystals)

You can also spend your alliance coins on other highly usefull rewards like Space Portals, Territorial Teleports, Random Teleports, Protection Barriers (bubbels), Contract Builders and Speedups.

2. Buffs and more buffs

Alliance technology offers insanely strong buffs to all its members. Defense, Attack and HP upgrades boosts your troops by up to 20% each!

3. Positions and Cities Boosts

Cities provide very strong buffs to alliance members.

  • You can get strong development buffs to Dragon Upgrade speed, Building speed, Technology Reseach speed, Healing speed, etc.
  • You can also get powerful combat buffs to increase the damage of your troops, Immortals, or boost their defenses.

These buffs are crucial to any alliance that wishes to compete. Moreover, it gives members of strong alliances a big boost in power and the ability to deal more easily with rogue players.

4. Rallying

You and your alliance allies can rally against a particular powerful foe. By rallying you setup a bombardment of attacks (capped at 5 for each rally) against your enemy. Each march in the rally will hit right after each other.

This is how smaller players are able to defeat stronger whales – and how a bunch of smaller whales are able to kill even the biggest whales of the game!

Published: 25-02-2022