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All city buffs

CityAlliance wide buffMayor buff
AnemoiFood Production +3%Building Speed +3%
AuxoFood Production +3%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
EuporiaFood Production +3%Tech Upgrade Speed +3%
HesperusFood Production +3%Tech Upgrade Speed +3%
MezasmateFood Production +3%Healing Speed +3%
NereusFood Production +3%Healing Speed +3%
SeleneFood Production +3%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
TritonFood Production +3%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
PhosphorusFood Production +3%Training Speed +3%
AnahitaHealing Speed +7%Training Speed +3%
AnuketHealing Speed +7%Healing Speed +3%
AquiloHealing Speed +7%Healing Speed +3%
CarpoHealing Speed +7%Building Speed +3%
DamiaHealing Speed +7%Training Speed +3%
JordHealing Speed +7%Healing Speed +3%
KayanohimeHealing Speed +7%Training Speed +3%
ManagarmrHealing Speed +7%Tech Upgrade Speed +3%
ThiaziHealing Speed +7%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
KratosImmortal Attack +4%Dmg by Spearmen +5% 
NyxImmortal Attack +4%Dmg by Cavalry +5% 
PhilyraImmortal Attack +4%Dmg by Shieldmen +5% 
BaldrImmortal Attack +6%Dmg by Cavalry +5% 
DaphneImmortal Attack +6%Dmg by Spearmen +5% 
PauahtunImmortal Attack +6%Dmg by Shieldmen +5% 
Dark MinervaImmortal Attack +8%Dmg from Cavalry -5% 
Gallant VulcanImmortal Attack +8%Dmg from Shieldmen -5% 
Vigorous SilvanusImmortal Attack +8%Dmg from Spearmen -5% 
ErelimIron Production +3%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
EunomiaIron Production +3%Building Speed +3%
HaomaIron Production +3%Training Speed +3%
BrizoIron Production +5%Building Speed +3%
CochabielIron Production +5%Tech Upgrade Speed +3%
EaIron Production +5%Training Speed +3%
SiriusIron Production +5%Training Speed +3%
TohilIron Production +5%Tech Upgrade Speed +3%
EiarStone Production +3%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
MyesyatsStone Production +3%Training Speed +3%
AudhumlaStone Production +5%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
AuxesiaStone Production +5%Tech Upgrade Speed +3%
ChicomecoatlStone Production +5%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
JokullStone Production +5%Building Speed +3%
NingalStone Production +5%Healing Speed +3%
PlutusStone Production +5%Healing Speed +3%
AdonisTroops Attack +4%Training Speed +3%
AllocenTroops Attack +4%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
NottTroops Attack +4%Building Speed +3%
PotamoiTroops Attack +4%Tech Upgrade Speed +3%
SelvansTroops Attack +4%Healing Speed +3%
TyrTroops Attack +4%Training Speed +3%
ArtemisTroops Defense +3%Healing Speed +3%
CenticoreTroops Defense +3%Training Speed +3%
JammTroops Defense +3%Building Speed +3%
MandragoraTroops Defense +3%Healing Speed +3%
OureaTroops Defense +3%Tech Upgrade Speed +3%
ThrymTroops Defense +3%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
PersephoneTroops HP +2.5%Building Speed +3% 
TishtryaTroops HP +2.5%Building Speed +3% 
TycheTroops HP +2.5%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
BritomartisTroops HP +3%Training Speed +3%
DryadTroops HP +3%Training Speed +3%
IreneTroops HP +3%Tech Upgrade Speed +3%
AramazdTroops Training Speed +5%Healing Speed +3%
EgeriaTroops Training Speed +5%Healing Speed +3%
EndropTroops Training Speed +5%Training Speed +3%
ErebosTroops Training Speed +5%Training Speed +3%
GavielTroops Training Speed +5%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
GirtabluluTroops Training Speed +5%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
NinsarTroops Training Speed +5%Building Speed +3% 
OrthosiaTroops Training Speed +5%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
PherusaTroops Training Speed +5%Tech Upgrade Speed +3%
PhthinophoronTroops Training Speed +5%Building Speed +3% 
SachluphTroops Training Speed +5%Building Speed +3% 
ThalloTroops Training Speed +5%Tech Upgrade Speed +3%
AstraiaWood Production +3%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
CharonWood Production +3%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
EosWood Production +3%Building Speed +3%
LughWood Production +3%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
NdauthinaWood Production +3%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
Silvery Mt.Wood Production +3%Healing Speed +3%
SophielWood Production +3%Training Speed +3%
DiceWood Production +5%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%