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Combat Power from Cities and Capital

Guide: Unleashing the Power of Norheim City Combat Buffs in Infinity Kingdom

Norheim, a realm rich with cities and capitals, offers alliances the opportunity to gain substantial combat buffs by controlling these strategic locations. These buffs significantly enhance the strength of an alliance’s army in the field, making it crucial for players to understand their importance and how to maximize their benefits.

Understanding the Significance:
In Infinity Kingdom, even seemingly small percentage buffs can have a profound impact on your army’s power, especially when strategically stacked. The cumulative effect of these buffs can be the key to outmatching opponents in battles. For instance, a mere 4% increase in Immortal Attack from a single Capital city can result in a substantial power boost, exemplifying the importance of capitalizing on every available buff. 4% Immortal Attack for instance, provides me with over 1000 power in my main march alone! That is nothing to scuff at and certainly a big deal if you pool them togeather – and ofcourse these increases apply to every single member of the alliance holding the city!

List of Norheim City Combat Buffs:
Here’s a comprehensive list of combat buffs provided by various Norheim cities and capitals:

KratosImmortal Attack +4%Dmg by Spearmen +5%
NyxImmortal Attack +4%Dmg by Cavalry +5%
PhilyraImmortal Attack +4%Dmg by Shieldmen +5%
BaldrImmortal Attack +6%Dmg by Cavalry +5%
DaphneImmortal Attack +6%Dmg by Spearmen +5%
PauahtunImmortal Attack +6%Dmg by Shieldmen +5%
Dark MinervaImmortal Attack +8%Dmg from Cavalry -5%
Gallant VulcanImmortal Attack +8%Dmg from Shieldmen -5%
Vigorous SilvanusImmortal Attack +8%Dmg from Spearmen -5%
AdonisTroops Attack +4%Training Speed +3%
AllocenTroops Attack +4%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
NottTroops Attack +4%Building Speed +3%
PotamoiTroops Attack +4%Tech Upgrade Speed +3%
SelvansTroops Attack +4%Healing Speed +3%
TyrTroops Attack +4%Training Speed +3%
ArtemisTroops Defense +3%Healing Speed +3%
CenticoreTroops Defense +3%Training Speed +3%
JammTroops Defense +3%Building Speed +3%
MandragoraTroops Defense +3%Healing Speed +3%
OureaTroops Defense +3%Tech Upgrade Speed +3%
ThrymTroops Defense +3%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
PersephoneTroops HP +2.5%Building Speed +3%
TishtryaTroops HP +2.5%Building Speed +3%
TycheTroops HP +2.5%Dragon Upgrade Speed +3%
BritomartisTroops HP +3%Training Speed +3%
DryadTroops HP +3%Training Speed +3%
IreneTroops HP +3%Tech Upgrade Speed +3%

Maximizing Combat Buffs:
To maximize the benefits of Norheim City combat buffs, alliances should consider the following strategies:

  1. Strategic Control:
  • Plan and coordinate with your fellow server members to strategically control cities and capitals that provide the most beneficial buffs for your playstyle.
  1. Stacking Buffs:
  • Prioritize cities and capitals with buffs that complement each other. Stacking multiple buffs of the same type can result in a powerful cumulative effect.
  1. Tool for Alliance Buff Division:
  • Utilize the HERE to efficiently divide the buffs among alliance members. This ensures that each member contributes to the overall strength of the alliance.
  1. Communication and Coordination:
  • Maintain open communication within the alliances of your server to coordinate efforts in dividing the cities between the main alliances to best fit the objectives of the server as a whole. Timely coordination ensures that buffs are applied to the alliance most in need of it prior to major PvP events such as Legion of Frostborne.

Understanding and optimizing Norheim City combat buffs is essential for achieving dominance in Infinity Kingdom. These buffs, when strategically stacked and distributed among alliance members, can turn the tide of battles and contribute significantly to the overall power of the alliance. By harnessing the power of Norheim City combat buffs, your alliance can rise to the top and establish supremacy in the realm.

The landscape of Norheim is ever-evolving, and staying adaptable is key to continued success. Good luck!

Published: 14-12-2023