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Capital Sieges

Important Notes: In order to attack a capital city, the alliance must hold atleast 1 city within the capital’s region (see all regions here).

Every city and capital has a different buff, these are significantly stronger than normal cities (see all city and capital buffs here). In addition, the appointed Governor of a capital recieves a strong combat buff. The Governor of a capital can also appoint a subset of capital-cabinet possitions which can be very useful. These include:

+6% healing speed

+6% resource and gold production

+3% damage dealt to other kingdoms

+30% prosperity regeneratino speed

+3% damage dealt to gnomes and non-player city garrisons

Remember to run the right talents when sieging a difficult city

  1. Shock – “deals 1% of the walls maximum durability in damage” in addition to your army’s attack damage.
  2. Survivial Methods – helps you take minimal losses, “reduces troops killed by 10%
  3. Ruin – “Increases damage dealt to city garrisons by 5%” and is probably the strongest single talent for city sieges.