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Earn Gold

Gold is a very sparse ressource in Infinity Kingdom. Players have limited ways of obtaining gold, and a huge demand for it in order to upgrade Immortals Boost levels and Upgrade Dragon levels. The Mysterium is the biggest gold per week earning out there – so make sure you maximize your gold earnings every two days!

Mysterium – Gold versus Speedups

Running the Mysterium you must decide between gold and speedups. Camps provide a very high yield means to gain gold if you do gold runs.

The lootboxes found in Mysterium on the other hand is a great way to get speedups – especially as a free to play, where speeds are much more rare.

Gold runs

Running Mysterium on my main and my alts it is clear that the loot scales somehow – it does not seem to be only Castle level, but a combination of soldier tier, castle level and overall power.

Running with t5, C40-43 at around 2mil power my gold earned across the last 23 runs avg. 3,744,000.00 Gold per clear.

In addition I loot on average 12 hours of speedups just from loot boxes where I had no option to fight.

Combat yieldsFloor 1Floor 2Floor 3 (HM)Floor 4 (HM)
Last Boss55,50083,200221,90092,500

How much do you get? Share your rewards so we can figure out the scaling function: discord.gg/sBVxxcc8bA


You must complete the Mysterium on the highest difficulty while being able to kill all enemy marches in your way. If you begin skipping battles to preserve your strength, you loose out on a lot of gold.

If you are able to comfortably clear Hardmode (it is ok to skip hard counter and shadow marches) then go for it! Floor 3 yield the majority of the total gold earned per run on hardmode. You want to skip as little as possible here.

Examples of Mysterium gold runs (few combat skips)

Published: 21-02-2022