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Main Guide to Farm Gold

Farming Gold in Infinity Kingdom 2.6.6.

In the realm of Infinity Kingdom gold is a most precious commodity. Our Immortal require immense amounts of gold to reach their full potential at boost level 30 and our Dragons are ever more hungry for gold tressure. As such, gold is arguably the most sought after resource in the game and one that players struggle to keep up with.

For information on total costs of upgrading Immortals to boost level 30 and the costs of Dragon levels 1-55 check the links here.

In this guide we are going to have a look at how best to farm gold. Enjoy!

Ways of obtaining Gold


Dwellings are the easiest way to obtain gold and they are a constant stream of gold production for your Castle Kingdom. Upgrading your Dwellings to level 55 should be a priority for anyone struggling to keep up with the mounting gold costs. The production boost increases are quite significant. Personally, I prioritize upgrading all my dwellings every time I unlock a new Castle level.

Furthermore, you should remember to buff your gold production. Using the in-game buff items you can maintain a constant 50% boost to gold production, which makes Dwelling income go through the roof. This is arguably the single best use of gems (500 gems per 24 hour boost). I personally always maintain the buff as it is the most growth-value per gem spent until Immortals and Dragons are maxed (and even at this point, I will continue because we know we will need more for levels 60 once that is released).

For more information on Dwellings and Gold income check out the link here.


With patch 2.6 we got an onerhaul to the Mysterium. Rewards are difficulties were increased significantly. On a regular Mysterium run you will net a total of 5 to 5.5 million gold. This can be done every two days, making Mysterium a very good method of obtaining gold at a steady pace.

In addition to the increased gold rewards, the new Mysterium also have other significant rewards for players, namely speed-ups, artifact fragments and even unique artifact fragments. For more information see the link.


The calendar event Infernal Assault can for some players be the single best method of obtaining gold. It is not as easy or cheap to come by as in the Mysterium and with simple Dwelling production, but it can yield insane amounts of gold for players who have the time, AP and troops to farm it for the three-day period the event lasts. The event is a recurring event that comes around every month or so.

During a single event I was able to farm 1 billion gold recently, a quite massive pile of much needed gold for my development and growth. There are a few different ways of farming gold in the Infernal event. For detailed information on multiple methods of farming gold during the Infernal event check out the comprehensive guide here where we go over (1) AP-intensive farming, (2) level climbing as well as (3) how to get passive gold from other players’ kills.

Published: 25-08-2023