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Part 2 – Farming low-level alts easily and efficiently

Farming resources for your main is crucially important for any player in Infinity Kingdom. However, not everyone has the time to spend a few hours every day sending army after army to kill dead castles with all our many alts. Instead, what you can choose to set up passive-alts.

If you do not have the time to spend AP on alts attacking castles all over Norheim, then you may want to simply create a farmvile group of alts where you only do the bare minimum and still achieve quite solid resource income (almost) without moving a finger.

Method 2

We left off with how to grow your alts into powerful production capacities each producing millions of resources for your main every day. However I also want to share with you another concept for how to build resource farms with barely any effort.

This is particularly attractive for players with access to solid computing hardware. Since the more instances you are able to run at the same time the more efficient this method is. While method 1 is far superior for players who can only play a few instances at a time, this method 2 is extreemly efficient if you are able to boot say 10-20 instances at a time.

This is because you need to make A TON of castles at the same time and get them to level 6 where you can join an alliance. Once you joined an alliance you gain access to the passive tax-income from the cities held by the alliance. You login once per day and collect, that’s it. If you can boot 10 instances at a time without your computer melting down, you can do this in a couple minutes and have earned millions of resources on every single alt.

Resources per day

I will not assume that you have a max level alt alliance with a full set of cities at your disposal. I think it is rare for any one player to be able to take up 20, 30 maybe even 40 spots in a max level alliance with cities (unless of course your are in a not very active server).

However, let us say you are in a decent level alliance with maybe 10-11 cities (a standard alt / academy alliance in most servers). You will be collecting taxing resources at a rate of around 400k / hour (combined). That nets each of your alts 9.6 million resources per day, a not insignificant amount of resources earned by spending literally 10 seconds clicking “Claim” once a day.

Using this method you do not have to send out marches to nodes, you don’t need to find dead castles to kill, you do not need to upgrade any buildings or technology. No. All you need to do is make it to level 6 and join the alliance.

Every day at the same time you simply

(1) boot up all your instances with auto-login

(2) Collect alliance Territorial taxes

(3) Use the same instances to swap between all three low level alts on the account

(2) Collect more alliance taxes

DONE! Congratulations, if you can run even 5 instances at a time, you just earned a 150 million resources!

If you are a true monster and run a 35 instance rotation, you earn a massive 1 billion resource per day.

Note that it is important you login every day at the same time, since alliance territory taxes accumulate for 24 hours and then stop.

Published: 27-01-2023