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Infernal Event Gold Farming

The calendar event Infernal Assault can for some players be the single best method of obtaining gold. It is not as easy or cheap to come by as in the Mysterium and with simple Dwelling production, but it can yield insane amounts of gold for players who have the time, AP and troops to farm it for the three-day period the event lasts. The event is a recurring event that comes around every month or so.

During a single event I was able to farm 1 billion gold recently, a quite massive pile of much needed gold for my development and growth. There are a few different ways of farming gold in the Infernal event. Here is what I do.

Farming lower levels with minimal losses

It is important to understand how to keep low troop losses when fighting Infernal Gnome camps. The camps work by having multiple gnome armies occupied in each camp, which you will need to defeat in order to earn the gold reward. Please make note that the gnome armies all have an airship. This is critically important, because when you are farming at a much lower level than your own strength, it is the continued airship damage that cause the most troop losses.

However, you can avoid taking ANY losses from the airships by killing the entire gnome army before the airship begin to drop bombs on you. This is around 15-16 seconds into the fight. What this means is that you want to setup a march that deals a ton of frontloaded damage, meaning high DPS from the first second of the fight.

Having slow ramp-up damage dealers like Manco means that the enemy gets to live past second 15. That is not good.

Instead, you can wield a powerful damage speced Earth-Wind Hybrid and/or Fire team which ensures high DPS right out of the gates. When I farm with my marches, I have found that levels 34-36 are the sweet spot for me. Here I can maintain very loss losses because I can kill the gnomes quickly with both my Hybrid and my Fire team. I tried using my holy (which in PvP is stronger than my Fire team) but it resulted in crazy high losses, again because of the ramp-up mechanics of Holy.

So what you want to do using this method is to make sure your team is set up for high damage from the very first second of the fight. However, there are pros and cons to everything in Infinity Kingdom. While the pros here is that you are not going to run out of troops easily, the drawbacks are that you will therefore also need a lot of time and a lot of AP in order to farm for hours and hours on end.

When you are using this method, you need to find your sweetspot. I for instance, have much higher losses on a level 32 than on a 36, simply because of the gnome army compositions that I am up against. Test out where your sweet spot is but do not fret if you take a massive loss around the 30-33 level stage. Most players are not able to kill these as easily as the higher levels 34-36.

Personal note: Before I was powerful enough to farm 34-36’s I was farming level 28 for a long time. Seemed to be my natural sweet spot. My journey has been farming 28s for a loong time and then farming 34 and 36s. Never anything in between for my setups.

Level progression

Level progression earns you a ton of gold because we are rewarded a big additional gold reward the first time we clear a new level of gnome camp. As such, players are encouraged to climb to the highest levels possible. However, this is extremely troop intensive, as you will easily take 4-6K troop losses on a single camp when you fight to increase your level. Furthermore, the Core in the middle of the Infernal spawn is a lot tougher than the outer camps and once you climb up there (for me around 40+) they begin to drain both troops and AP having to send many attacks to kill a single core.

The downside of this method is obvious. You need a lot of troops to sustain, however you do not need a lot of AP as you will run out of troops way before you ever get AP drained. The gold rewards can be quite good so it is not something you should discard, but I personally do not recommend trying to climb alone.

Getting boost from stronger players

The last part leads nicely into the last method of obtaining gold via the Infernal event: Getting boosted.

Like in all most other games, there are big differences to the combat prowess of different players. Some are a lot stronger than others which gives them the ability to help out their fellow players. This very important to the growth of you or your alliance. For big players helping out smaller players complete their camps and progress can be very cheap on troops and easy to do. It will get them decent gold rewards because they are in essence farming, but it also massively rewards the player getting boosted who can now progress to new levels without having to take on massive losses. This is because of a mechanic that few people realize.

Basically, the Infernal event allows for parties of varying sizes depending on the level. Let’s just say that we have a big 500k whale and a bunch of smaller 350-400k players in the same alliance. They all need gold, but they cannot all do the same levels of Infernals easily. You simply have the smaller players either help as much as they can or just sending a single attack at one of the Infernal camps, after which the big player clears all camps with low losses earning EVERYONE who have participated in the combat (meaning anyone who has attacked a gnome camp) the gold rewards for camp kills.

Check out the video on my YouTube channel if you want to see this in action.

Lastly, yes. This can be done with 0 losses for small players. Many bigger players often farm Infernals alone of in small groups, this should not happen however. It is inefficient and a wasted growth potential for your alliance. Instead, what you want to do is have small players join the group and send a 1-troop march at a camp. This combat will be lost with no losses, but it still counts as participation. Hence, when the whale then clears all the camps, the small player who didn’t kill anything but just sent a 1-troop march at some random camp also gets the full clear rewards from the camps killed by the bigger player.

In essence, this is free gold for your friends and something that ALL alliances should make use of to ensure the full growth reward for the collective alliance.

Published: 08-09-2023