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Methods to farm resources with alts

I am Myrahk and in this article I will share some insights about me and my 14 alts. I have gotten many questions about why I have the number of alts I do, how I manage them and what I get out of it – so here we go!

Relying on your alts to farm is the fastest way to grow!

Use your alt’s AP to turn it into resources for your main!

First of all, alts are great for farming resources on the map from empty castles (people who left the game) and from the many farm nodes. I try to spend my AP when it is up and keep marches farming nodes when AP is down. Read more about “Dead Castle Farming”.

Your alts need resources to grow, but if you are consistent about your farming you will get an abuncance of leftover resources. As these stack up, I ‘harvest‘ them with my main making sure that every AP-attack my main sends out returns full of resources.

Excess food for consistent gold production

Your main castle will get a lot more food than you can spend, this is because we are still using some rss from alts to upgrade their buildings. While we are producing troops too, the proportionality is skewered and as such you will most likely get way too much food if you are consistently farming your alts and farming dead castles with alts.

So remember to put on your minting talents and nuke ur foodstock in the Forge every once in a while! An easy way to keep efficiently minting a ton of gold for your dragons!

All in all, this is an extreemly efficient way to mass resources very quickly. The more time you spend keeping your alts AP down, the more value you get. This is also how the people who were very fast to get tier 7 troops (and c50) did it and something you need to do if you have enough speedups to keep yourself growing quickly towards c50 and t7.

Alternative Passive Resource farming

If you do not have the time to spend AP on alts attacking castles all over Norheim, then you may want to simply create a farmvile group of alts where you only do the bare minimum and still achieve quite solid resource income (almost) without moving a finger.

Read more here.

Published: 27-01-2023