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Dead Castle Farming

As we know, Alts help us to get honor, but more importantly it helps us get extra resources for our mains. In the past, many players tell me it is recommended to send marches out to farm for resources at nodes so that those extra rss that are not protected could be stolen with our main Castle. Issue with this is that we got to wait for them to be red and it takes time since alts may use those RSS for buildings. Surely there is a better way!

And there is! What we should do is to use our AP to add to the amount of resources our alts are farming to be used to level up the rss production buildings (Farm, Quarry etc). Then those produced by the production building can be taken by the main.

What is a “dead castle”?

A Dead Castle is the Castle of a player who is no longer playing the game. As such, the Castle is “dead” because there is no player activity anymore. What remain are the resource buildings (quarries, farms, lumbers and smelters) which continues to produce resource even though there is no one to collect them (no one logs in).

You can often spot dead castles by the fact that their Alliance tag has been removed (they have been kicked for inactivity). Moreover, any healthy server will have a list of active alliances which you can use to distinguish between a “dead” castle and a “live” castle.

Base routine for farming maximum resources is

1. Spend all of your AP attacking dead castles around the map

2. March send collect nodes and log off while you wait for warehouse to be red (can’t protect)

3. Collect Alliance Resources (this is not “protected rss” and can be farmed)

4. Focus on maxing out rss production building

Another cool/obvious thing is to stay at Castle level 39 first to receive boost for faster building speed and make all the production building to level 39.

Most of the efficiency is from dead castle farming

There are always a ton of castles around the map of Norheim from players who has left the game long ago. Even in dense populated servers, you have dead castles to farm. When you are farming with your alts, you should not spend a lot of time to find the highest of the high level castles for efficient max reward attacks.

Instead, you want to run as many alts as you can at the same time in multiple instances (Gtarcade Desktop or Bluestacks). Scan the map and send our whenever you see someone at a half-decent level. Getting smaller hits in on dead castles is totally fine, since you don’t need to be super efficient about your AP-spending, it is just important that you convert all your AP into resources.

Naturally, the bigger dead castles you can find the better. But it is not worth the time to spend minutes on finding the perfect castle. Just send out marches enmass and make a new alt with the time it would have taken you to find the perfect farm target 😉

Many small attacks make for a nice big pile of resources either way!


Special thank you and credit to player: Thunderhood for sharing his ideas which inspired this guide.

Published: 27-01-2023