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Passive Resource farming part 1

Farming resources for your main is crucially important for any player in Infinity Kingdom. However, not everyone has the time to spend a few hours every day sending army after army to kill dead castles with all our many alts. Instead, what you can choose to set up passive-alts.

If you do not have the time to spend AP on alts attacking castles all over Norheim, then you may want to simply create a farmvile group of alts where you only do the bare minimum and still achieve quite solid resource income (almost) without moving a finger.

Method 1

You create as many alts as you can handle. You need to grow your alts to increase the level of your resource farms (quarry, lumber, smelter and farm). What you want to do is simple. Login once a day and:

  1. Keep buildings upgrading, no rushing castles or tiers. Just upgrade from the “bottom” with farms first then rest and just make sure you don’t have downtime when upgrading a castle level is required.
  2. Spend your wishes for free resources (almost always stone or wood)
  3. Collect Alliance Resources
  4. attack your alt 1-2 times with your main account to clear out the passively generated resources from the castle’s farms.

DO NOT collect resources from the alt’s farms.

Growing alts

Make sure you have all your alts in the same alt-alliance and in a high level alt alliance with full roster of resource producing cities in Norheim. The resources generated through wishing and alliance city taxes is enough combined with quest rewards to keep you upgrading pretty consistently. If you want to grow faster, you can “invest” resources by not farming the alts until they reach a decent size.

It is also very important that you are running multiple instances to grow alts fast. Let’s say you have 5 instances open at a time. Each account with 3 alts in your server and in the same alliance.

What you do is simple. You begin buildings on the first 5 + click help. If building finished instantly, begin a new and click help. Once you have buildings high enough level that they do not instant finish. Move on to the next 5 alts in the same instances and do the same.

Having 15-helps just from yourself means that you can cap the alliance help-boost very fast and build the first many levels of buildings instantly without any speedups.

After you reach a higher level, you simply do the method 1 rotation.

This method centeres around leveling up your alts farms to the point where you consistently get 12-15 million resources per day from each farm (around castle level 40-45). However, it does take a while to grow your alts and as such it is a big time investment. It pays off very well and I personally feel it is very much worth the time invested given the many billions of resources I have farmed from my alts at this point.

However, there is also an alternative method which requires almost no activity but still a decent resource income – albeit at higher AP expense for your main castle. In part to of this guide you can learn how to setup a massive farm that requires no building upgrades. Read more about this Method 2 here.

Published: 27-01-2023