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The Forge – max gold minting efficiency

The ultimate goal of the Mint is to provide you with as much gold as possible in as little time as possible, if you are consistently farming and grinding abandonned castles – ressources are not an issue even in times of great growth. Food will be in an over abundance, to be dumped into the mint. What you need is to get as much gold per second minted.

Ratio makes kings rich

The Minting Boost % increased each level is nice and all, but the real secret to Minting gold is the proportion / ratio. The proportion (or conversion ratio) does not only affect how much input ressource you need. No. It is speed!

As you can see below, the absolute alfa and omega of gold minting is the ratio and is how you achieve the higest possible gold per second.


By upgrading the mint on this character from 8:1 to 7:1 (Forge level 40-41) we can mint 142 gold per second instead of 125 gold per second a significant increase for very little effort.

Therefore you want to rush your gold mint each time you are able to unluck a new ratio proportion. I.e. my character below needs to rush the Forge to level 46, since the gold output will increased a ton from just a single building level.

Remember talents

As we learnt above, ratio is everything. So you need to be using the talent “Economics Expert” which increases your Forge minting conversion rate by 10%.

When we use this talent to mint, our gold per second increases by 10%.


It costs you 200 gems to swap talents, so use it wisely and start a long mint each time. Try and time these out to your dragon cook-time so you have gold when you need it.

Published: 11-03-2022