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Everything about How to Obtain Portals

he Ultimate Portal Guide for F2P and Spenders in Infinity Kingdom

Portals in Infinity Kingdom are akin to golden keys, unlocking the potential for players to venture into new realms by changing servers. However, navigating the intricacies of acquiring these Portals can be a daunting task, especially considering their significance and the cost associated with them. Whether you’re a staunch free-to-play (F2P) enthusiast or a willing spender, this guide will illuminate the path to obtaining Portals in the most efficient manner possible.

Earning Alliance Coins: The How-To

For the Free-to-Play (F2P) Players

Alliance Shop: The F2P Lifeline

  • Daily Portal Purchase: Each Portal costs 20,000 Alliance coins, with the option to purchase one per day. This is the primary avenue for F2P players to accumulate Portals.
  • Alliance Donations: A simple yet effective method. Resource donations yield 50 coins each, allowing for a Portal purchase every 16.6 days with consistent daily donations.

1x Resource donation = 50 coins.
20,000 coins = 1 portal.

  • 24/day, 50coins per donations = 1200coins/day –> 1 portal every 16.6 days

Gem donations
1x gem donation = 50 coins.
20,000 coins = 1 portal.

  • 10 gem donates/ 10 donations/ 500coins/day (100gems) —> 1 portal every 40 days
  • 10 gem donates/ 20 donations/ 1000coins/day (200gems) —> 1 portal every 20 days
  • 10 gem donates/ 40 donations/ 2000coins/day (400 gems) —> 1 portal every 10 days

If you want to gem donations, you must find a low lvl alliance, as they only cost 10 gems each here where as alliances close to maximum level costs far more. Bare in mind, you can also crit on donations, giving you additional points, while this is not part of the calculations above, you should note that with luck you get a few more points during the same timeframe.

  • Gem Donations: Varying gem donation strategies can significantly impact your Portal acquisition rate. Donating gems in a low-level alliance, where costs are minimal, accelerates the process. The rate of acquisition can vary from one Portal every 10 to 40 days, depending on the number of donations and gems spent.
  • Construction Contributions: Engaging in city construction within your alliance is a lucrative method to earn Alliance coins. Utilizing 1-troop marches to extend the construction period maximizes the rewards without actually completing the upgrade, enabling a steady stream of Alliance coins.

If you are in a server where most cities are max level or you are running out of cities to build for coin-rewards, you must make sure leadership stays on top of the city development bar and you need to make sure everyone is sending a 1-troop march to build the city.

Why drop cities? Simply because by dropping a city you reset the current development towards another level. When our “build city” gets close to finishing a build, we drop it, re-siege it, and the building can begin all over.

Why use 1-troop marches? Because the way that the game rewards players for contributing to building a city is a flat-value. The more troops you have building, the faster the city builds – but a march with 1-troop and a march with 70K troops will reward the exact same number of alliance coins! This means that if you do not want your city to actually finish upgrading, you want to have everyone send only 1-troop into the city, creating a very very long upgrade timer and lots of coin rewards for everyone.

Alliance coin from construction

  • 1200coins per day with 1 march —> 1 portal every 16.6 days
  • 2400coins per day with 2 march —> 1 portal every 8.3 days
  • 3600coins per day with 3 March —> 1 portal every 5.5 days
  • 4800coins per day with 4 march —> 1 portal every 4.2 days

Legion of Frostborne Donations:

  • Participating in SvS and donating towards Cities and Gate Garrisons can also reward Alliance coins, with 1 million resources translating to 50 Alliance coins.

1 million resources = 50 alliance coins. This means that you can buy 1 Portal by donating 400M resources in SvS.

For Spenders and Light Spenders

Golden Path Shop: A Valuable Resource

  • Merit Coins for Portals: The Golden Path Shop offers Portals at the cost of 100 Merit Coins each, with a cap of 10 Portals per season. This method requires the Medallion level 50 and is a high-value option for those who invest in the monthly Medallion.

In-Game Shop: Direct Purchases

  • Weekly Portal Bundles: Post-Legion of Frostborne seasons often feature double-value Portal bundles, providing an opportune moment for spenders to stock up on Portals at a more economical rate. Prices range from $5 to $100, with the number of Portals increasing with the bundle’s value:
  • $5 pack – 1 portal
  • $10 pack- 2 portals
  • $20 pack – 3 portals
  • $50 pack – 4 portals
  • $100 pack – 5 portals

Strategic Considerations for All Players

  • Efficient Use of Resources: Whether F2P or a spender, the key to maximizing Portal acquisition lies in strategic resource management and taking advantage of every opportunity provided by the game’s mechanics and events.
  • Plan Ahead: Knowing the number of Portals required for your server migration goals is crucial. Engage in planning and resource allocation early to ensure a smooth transition when the time comes.


The recent changes to Portal acquisition present both challenges and opportunities for Infinity Kingdom players. While F2P players must employ strategic planning and efficient resource utilization, spenders can leverage their investments for a more straightforward path to server migration. Regardless of your play style, understanding and maximizing the available methods for obtaining Portals will be key to your success in exploring new horizons within the game.

Stay informed, plan strategically, and may your journey through the realms of Infinity Kingdom be both fruitful and fulfilling.

Changing servers is a big project for most players. Even for spenders, migration can be a very expensive and cumbersome task simply because you need quite a lot of portals to migrate to a new server in Infinity Kingdom.

In this guide, we are going to have a look at how to obtain portals both through Free-To-Play methods and through spender bundles.

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Published: 20-02-2024