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Everything about How to Obtain Portals

Changing servers is a big project for most players. Even for spenders, migration can be a very expensive and cumbersome task simply because you need quite a lot of portals to migrate to a new server in Infinity Kingdom.

In this guide, we are going to have a look at how to obtain portals both through Free-To-Play methods and through spender bundles.

How to obtain Portals (as F2P & spender)

As a free to play, you can purchase portals via the in-game alliance shop in exchange for alliance coins. This is a very effective way to obtain portals and the main method for F2P players.

(1) Buy them in the Alliance shop (1x daily costs 20.000 alliance coin)

Each Portal costs 20,000 Alliance coins in the shop and you can purchase 1 per day (stock).

Let’s have a look at how we earn alliance coin!

Alliance donations

Donating resources and gems to advance your alliance’s technology rewards Alliance contribution coins which you can use to buy portals.

1x Resource donation = 50 coins.
20,000 coins = 1 portal.

  • 24/day, 50coins per donations = 1200coins/day –> 1 portal every 16.6 days

Gem donations
1x gem donation = 50 coins.
20,000 coins = 1 portal.

  • 10 gem donates/ 10 donations/ 500coins/day (100gems) —> 1 portal every 40 days
  • 10 gem donates/ 20 donations/ 1000coins/day (200gems) —> 1 portal every 20 days
  • 10 gem donates/ 40 donations/ 2000coins/day (400 gems) —> 1 portal every 10 days

If you want to gem donations, you must find a low lvl alliance, as they only cost 10 gems each here where as alliances close to maximum level costs far more.


You can also earn alliance coins by contributing to building your cities in Norheim.
If you are in a server where most cities are max level or you are running out of cities to build for coin-rewards, you must make sure leadership stays on top of the city development bar and you need to make sure everyone is sending a 1-troop march to build the city.

Why drop cities? Simply because by dropping a city you reset the current development towards another level. When our “build city” gets close to finishing a build, we drop it, re-siege it, and the building can begin all over.

Why use 1-troop marches? Because the way that the game rewards players for contributing to building a city is a flat-value. The more troops you have building, the faster the city builds – but a march with 1-troop and a march with 70K troops will reward the exact same number of alliance coins! This means that if you do not want your city to actually finish upgrading, you want to have everyone send only 1-troop into the city, creating a very very long upgrade timer and lots of coin rewards for everyone.

Alliance coin from construction

  • 1200coins per day with 1 march —> 1 portal every 16.6 days
  • 2400coins per day with 2 march —> 1 portal every 8.3 days
  • 3600coins per day with 3 March —> 1 portal every 5.5 days
  • 4800coins per day with 4 march —> 1 portal every 4.2 days

Legion of Frostborne Donations (SvS)

Donations towards Cities and Gate Garrisons in Legion of Frostborn, rewards you Alliance coins at a rate of:

1 million resources = 50 alliance coins

This means that you can buy 1 Portal by donating 400M resources in SvS.

You should consider farming resources as much as you can (dead castles with AP) to most efficiently turn free to play resources like AP into Portals.

(2) Buy in Golden Path Shop (max 10 per season for 100 Merit Coins each) 

You can also buy portals via the Golden Path Shop in the Marketplace Building of your Castle. As a free-to-play, you do not get very many Merit Coins to spend in exchange for portals. Furthermore, you need the Medallion level 50 to even be able to purchase Portals.

However if you are a small or mid spender, it is high value to purchase the monthly Medallion as you will receive a significant amount of xxxx and be able to get a nice stream of Portals in this way.

Each season of Golden Path lasts 28 days and a new one opens every month.

  • You can buy a total of 10 portals per month from Golden Path.
  • Each portal costs 100 Merit Coins.

(3) Buy in the in-game shop (read more here)

Lastly, if you are a spender you can also purchase Portals directly via the in-game shop. Be aware, that there is usually double-value portal bundles available in limited stock after each season of Legion of Frostborne (SvS) ends. Here you get twice the amount of portals at the same cost as the normal weekly bundles.

Weekly Portal Bundles:

  • $5 pack – 1 portal
  • $10 pack- 2 portals
  • $20 pack – 3 portals
  • $50 pack – 4 portals
  • $100 pack – 5 portals

How many portals do I need?

Checkout my article on Portal-table here.

Published: 20-11-2022