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Gtarcade Point Shop (App)

The Gtarcade app offers you mulitple things, like access to play Infinity Kingdom, Community, recharge. Read more in my article on the Gtarcade App itself. For this article, we shall look into the rewards we can get by playing and recharging (i.e. purchasing, via the app).

If you are a spender of any sort, you want to make sure you get the maximum reward from every dime you spend. The Gtarcade app is one of the ways in which you can get bonus rewards when you recharge/purchase items for Infinity Kingdom.

These rewards are free bonuses on top of your purchase, and by comparison the Gtarcade app is not priced as high as other places. For instance, the Apple app store have increased the prices on everything and yields no bonus rewards!

What is the Point Shop?

In the Gtarcade Point Shop we have access to Infinity Kingdom GT Club.

Here we can buy different lootboxes for Infinity Kingdom. These contain nice items such as speedups, teleports, Dragon Keys, gems and even philosopher stones!

In here, you have access to the reward chests which are sold either on a per day basis or per week.

Daily rewards

The free chest and the Basic Chest B is available to purchase every day.

CostGemsAdditional Rewards
Chest Free105 min speedup
Chest A5010100 AP10 SP

Weekly rewards

The chests C, D, E and F are available once per week. These are the bigger chests and contrain very nice items to boost your growth!

CostGemsAdditional Rewards
Chest C250505x market refresh1x random TP
Chest D10502001x Relo TP1x Rare Dragon Key
Chest E15503005 hours speedup1x Elite Dragon Key
Chest F4900100024 hours speedup5x philosopher stone

How do we earn Points for the Point Shop?

  1. Play the game

2. Recharge (make purchases) via the Gtarcade App

3. Participate in activities in the Gtarcade environment

4. Daily consecutive logins

Published: 19-03-2022