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Seasonal Portal Bundles

Image by Zelus.

In Infinity Kingdom, every server is going through it’s ups and downs as alliances rise and fall and servers win and loose in competitive server versus server combat in the Legion of Frostborne seasons. As you are certainly aware of by now, the item “Space Portal” is a highly sought after item, since you need a lot of them to be able to migrate to a new server.

Read much more about Space Portals, how many you would need to migrate, and where you can get them during regular playtime/stages.

Remember: You are blocked from migrating to a new server once your server is officially “in conflict” fighting a server versus server battle – this makes it very attractive to utalize these bundles, since you are only able to migrate once they are also available!

Every season (Server versus Server seasons) all servers get the event “Seasonal Sales”. In this event, we are offered portals at a highly favorable discount. You can buy 2x portals for 5$, 3 portals for 10$ and 4 portals for 20$.

Comparative pricing

Regular Portal bundles from the in-game shop costs

PortalsPricePrice per Portal

Seasonal Portal bundles from this event costs

PortalsPricePrice per Portal

As you can see above, it is VERY good value if you are buying portals anyway to calculate with seasonal purchases when figuring out how many portals you need to stock up on.

Published: 14-09-2022