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READ BEFORE SPENDING: New voucher bonus bundles in patch 2.1! Get more for the same money.

Are you a spender? Then you need to read this before you start spending. By identifying the bundles that you want to purchase and then buying vouchers for them, you are able to gain VERY large bonus rewards!

All bundles purchased this way include: 100% of bundle cost as vouchers + additional rewards such as gems, philosopher’s stone, 1M gold, epic immortal spirit chest, multiple speed ups, etc.

What do you need to do?

1. Find the bundle you need. E.g. I personally purchase the 6 USD “buy all daily packs” bundle every day.

2. Go to the Gtarcade voucher page: https://shop.gtarcade.com/en/game/408

3. Purchase the voucher-bundle you need and reap the bonus rewards!

For example, we want the 6 USD voucher bundle. We get 7 x 6 USD vouchers = 42 USD by purchasing this bundle for 42 USD. Meaning an additional 2,000 gems + 30 hours of universal speedups for free.

All voucher bundles

You also get Gtarcade Point for even more rewards

Take note, that you gain Gtarcade Points as you purchase this way. This means, you gain BOTH the voucher-bundle bonus rewards + Gtarcade point shop bonuses from Gtarcade purchases. This is FAR more value for your money than any other purchase scheme out there (Huawei during 20% events included!!).