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Insane Shadow & Holy spenders bonus chests (via Gtarcade)

Building Shadow and Holy marches require quite a bit of investment. If you have seen my guides on how to run roulette events, you also know that is will cost you quite the pretty penny to get a shadow or holy march to max level.

Moreover, building the dragons to go with your shadow and holy Immortals require ever greater investment and a continuation of roulette events far longer than what it will take you to max the Immortals themselves.

Good news for all shadow and holy builders!

Alas, there is hope for all of us building shadow and/or holy. Gtarcade have released new bundles in their mobile-only point store. See guide on what the Gtarcade mobile point store is and where to find it here.

What we have in the Mobile Point Shop is new shadow and holy bundles. These are a complete game changer for anyone building shadow or holy!

Each of these boxes yield 500 Dragon Fragments + 50 roulette tickets and a bit of other stuff we don’t care as much about for now. Let’s try and figure out what the actual value is then. I know many of you spenders are torn between Huawei’s cheap bundles and cashback + vouchers and Gtarcades higher prices incl. VAT. So let’s take a look shall we:

Value of Gtarcade points for a shadow/holy builder
100 dragon fragments cost an avg 15 ticket. This is my avg. based on running roulette untill I hit fragments then resetting instead of finishing the plate. We also know from my guide on the Roulette bundles, that if we are efficient about it, the cheap ticket bundles are 1 usd per ticket and the expensive one is 1.4 usd per ticket
In addition to the 100 dragon fragments, we also get 50 roulette tickets.
So what is this lootbox worth in USD?
100 fragments = 15 tickets, hence 500 fragments = 75 tickets worth 75-100 USD value.
50 tickets = 50-75 USD value
Lootbox total worth 125-175 USD! Insane value for a point-box!

The lootbox costs us 30,000 points in the Mobile Point Shop. Thus, one point is worth an avg. 150/30000 = 0.005 USD.

When we spend via the Gtarcade store, we get points. This is an example of a 50USD purchase in game via the Gtarcade store:

Cost USDPoint rewardPoints in USDTotal USD Value

Soooo, how much do I need to spend to unlock this awesome bundle you ask? Let’s see:

Cost USDPoint reward1 USD in Points

30,000 points / 76.96 points per USD = 389.81 USD per shadow/holy lootbox.
At a value of around 150 USD per looxbox, Gtarcade offers you almost 40% more value for your money by spending on their platform – but only IF you are building holy and/or shadow (have need for these boxes!)

Mind you, almost 400 USD is a lot of money, but if you are in the long haul whaling to build shadow and holy, you are going to spend enough to earn many of these lootboxes – giving you a nice headstart on building your dragons!

GL, HF and spend wisely to all the whales out there!

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Published: 15-05-2022