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Portals – How many?

Changing servers is a big project for most players. Even for spenders, migration can be a very expensive and cumbersome task simply because you need quite a lot of portals to migrate to a new server in Infinity Kingdom.

In this guide, we are going to have a look at how many portals players need to migrate, how to figure out how many YOU need.

Portals requirement table – Server migration

The number of Portals required to migrate from one server to another is based on your Lord’s maximum achieved power. If you are planning to migrate, it may be wise to stop boosting your power beyond the maximum power level you have already reached.

Say for instance, I have an account at power 865K max. I would need 15 portals to migrate, however if I at any point in time reach beyond 900K power, I now need 20 Portals to migrate.

What you want to do if you are trying to migrate but also want to grow while you collect portals, is make sure you do not have troops loaded into at least a few of your marches. This will significantly drop your power allowing you to still grow but without hitting a new portal requirement threshold.

Can I remove troops or Immortals and drop to a lower power requirement? No. Migration requirements are based on the MAXIMUM achieved power, meaning once you have been beyond e.g. 900K power, you will ALWAYS need atleast 20 portals to migrate.

Check your maximum power under the statistics tab on the Profile Interface in-game.

If you want to know more about how to obtain Portals both via Free-to-Play methods and through spending, you can read everything about obtaining portals here.

Published 01-12-2022