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Dear fearless adventurers of Infinity Kingdom,

The winds of change are upon us as we embark on an extraordinary journey together. We stand at the crossroads of knowledge and unity, ready to cast light upon the vast tapestry of servers that make up our beloved Infinity Kingdom. With over 242 servers and counting, our realm thrives with countless valiant players, each shaping their destiny and weaving tales of conquest.

Today, we proudly introduce the Infinity Kingdom Server Rankings, a monumental project made possible by the tremendous efforts of our dedicated mod team – the true architects of this endeavor. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to them for their boundless commitment and unwavering support.

This is your chance to be part of a revolutionary initiative that will reshape the way we perceive our servers. As you step into this grand undertaking, you’ll be joining hands with fellow players, each a vital thread in the fabric of our shared journey. Transparency, knowledge, and community are the pillars upon which this project stands.

🔍 The Need for Information

In a realm as vast as ours, the question of server dynamics looms like a shadow. Which servers thrive as mighty bastions of power? Which are the hidden gems, brimming with potential? With the Infinity Kingdom Server Rankings, we aim to answer these burning questions and more. This project is a beacon of truth, shining light on the mysteries that enshroud each server.

🚀 Empower the Community

I call upon you, valiant rulers, to rally to the cause and become the heralds of your server’s legacy. It’s time to unveil the mightiest alliances that shape the Three Kingdoms. Who reigns supreme in strength and unity? Share this vital information, and let every player bask in the glory of our champions.

🌐 How You Can Contribute

Joining the Infinity Kingdom Server Rankings is your way to be part of a historic movement. I invite you to head over to the official Infinity Kingdom Discord, where you’ll find a dedicated channel for this project. There, you can swiftly input the data for the biggest alliances and the STP (main march power) of the No. 1 and No. 100 players in your server’s Three Kingdoms.

As the stars twinkle in the night sky, let our server rankings illuminate the path toward camaraderie, strategy, and collective growth. The data you provide will be instrumental in shaping our understanding of the servers we call home.

The gates to this monumental project are now open, and we eagerly anticipate your contributions. Share your insights, share your wisdom, and share your server with the world.

Thank you for being an essential thread in the rich tapestry of Infinity Kingdom. Your valor and dedication are the cornerstone of our shared success.

Published: 03-08-2023

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