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Shadow Dragon

Who is Melanthios


Shadow dragon. Like all other dragons he goes through stages og growth as his level increase and his stats grow. He has unique abilities that are unlike any of the other dragons available.

Also, he is an absolute must have for anyone with a desire to run shadow builds. He is an insanely strong dragon, and IF you are a crazy person who has him boosted high but are not doing shadow – then you can use him in pretty much any march to great effect. His abilities are THAT strong!


His abilities are:

  1. Dark Breath: A single target nuke that instantly wipes one Immortal off the playing field by dealing 2,000,000 damage! If this hits your enemy’s main damage dealer, you already won the battle!
  2. Eclipse: High chance to silence three random enemy units for 8 seconds. This is a very strong ability that will quickly get you the upper hand on the energy-ultimate battle for first procs.
  3. Force of Evil: Run of the mill dragon skill. Increases Crit, Dodge and Damage. Unlike many other dragons, you don’t need to do anything special just be above 60% HP to gain the full advantage of the damage buff (15% to shadow).

How do I get the shadow dragon egg?

When you hit 1,000,000 VIP points and thus become VIP rank 15 you are able to purchase the last VIP chest “the Exalted Chest” for 99 USD.

In this bundle, you get the Shadow Dragon Egg. Upon hatching the egg in your Dragon Cave, a baby Melanthios jumps out and thus begin the journey of building shadow! You also get the Dark Foretress Skin in this chest (VERY strong to have for anyone, since gold buff is the best growth buff in game by far).

How do I upgrade my Melanthios abilities?

You need a ton of shadow dragon fragments. These are rare and only P2P. In order to get your shadow dragon to max 10 – 10 – 10 skills, you need a total of 58K fragments (read more).

You can get them from: (1) Mysterious Pearl Shop and (2) Theia’s Roulette.

Spending pearls is a great way to get a bit of fragments, however you should note that getting the required 58K this way would take 17,400 Pearls = 5,220 USD worth of daily bundle Pearls.

This may sound like a lot, but it is actually the cheapest way to get shadow dragon fragments/crystals.

Doing this with your spare pearls is recommended and the cheaper way to build you dragon. But it also takes a VERY long time and therefore you should NEVER try and max your shadow dragon only in this way. It will take you 870 days to complete it this way, which is just insanely long and not feasible at all.

If you choose to build shadow you must be ready to also play Thiea’s Roulette.

When you do Roulette, you need to be aware of the prices. Have a look at my guide on Thiea’s Roulette. The bundles you want to purchase are the ones around 1 USD per ticket.

How many shadow dragon fragments do we get per ticket? I get an avg. of 100 fragments per 15 tickets used when I run roulette by doing one draw at a time and always reset when you get your fragments. If you also need Immortal fragments, you need to reset if you get fragments within the first 10-15 draws, otherwise finish it.. Just know your avg. on dragon fragments will increase and thus price to max too.

Price of maxing this way: 8,700 USD

Tickets needed to reliably get 100 fragments (avg.)fragmentsTotal needed fragments
58,000 fragments / 100 * 15 = 8,700 USD

Published: 20-05-2022