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Water Dragon – Glyndwr


Life Source: Restores 1,865,000 HP to the troops with the lowest HP, and grants them a HP regen buff that restores 583,000 HP every 6s for 12s.

Instant Regen: 78,000 / 155,000 / 233,000 / 350,000 / 505,000 / 699,000 / 933,000 / 1,205,000 / 1,515,000 / 1,865,000
Continuous Regen: 24,000 / 49,000 / 73,000 / 109,000 / 158,000 / 219,000 / 291,000 / 376,000 / 474,000 / 583,000

Ice Breath: Has a 45% chance of Freezing 3 random enemy troops, so that they cannot move or recover Energy for 8s.

Freeze Rate: 24.75% / 27% / 29.25% / 31.5% / 33.75% / 36% / 38.25% / 40.5% / 42.75% / 45%

Spring Spell: In battle, your Immortals get +30% Crit Value and +30% Dodge Value. In addition, whenever your Immortals inflict skill damage, all your Water Immortals get +3% damage, up to 5 stacks.

Crit Value Increase: 12% / 14% / 16% / 18% / 20% / 22% / 24% / 26 % / 28% / 30%
Dodge Increase: 12% / 14% / 16% / 18% / 20% / 22% / 24% / 26 % / 28% / 30%
Damage Increase: 1.65% / 1.8% / 1.95% / 2.1% / 2.25% / 2.4% / 2.55% / 2.7% / 2.85% / 3%

Upgrading Glyndwr

All dragons go through 6 stages of development on their journey through life / as you progress and upgrade your dragons level. Read all about the costs etc. of upgrading dragons in the guide: How to train your dragon.

As your dragons level increase, it unlock its unique abilities. At level 5 ‘Adolescence’ Glyndwr becomes a man and leans how to heal his friends – i.e. you unlock the ability Life Source.

At level 15 ‘Adulthood’ Glyndwr has grown up and in doing so learnt to focus his breath into a Freezing beam, hence you unlock the ability: Ice Breath.

Lastly, as he achieves peak performance and become an Elder dragon, his knowledge inspires your fellow water Immortals as you unlock the passive ability: Spring Spell.

Se all abilities above.

You have now unlocked all abilities, but you still need to Domesticate your dragon to unlock their true potential. Just like all the Immortal’s abilities, dragon abilities scale as you develop them. Dragons require Dragon Crystals. Learn much more about Dragon Crystals and how to get them, in the guide: Obtaining Dragon Crystals.

Strengths and Weaknesses


1. Easy to achieve march synergy.

Water is the first element whos Immortals you unlock with Merlin being one of the best Immortals in the game and also the cheapest non-free to play Immortal to unlock (you buy something of high value, e.g. the builder and get Merlin on top). Moreover, Yoshitsune and Diddo are amongst the easier Immortals to obtain and max. Water is the default go-to build for anyone playing as a free-to-play, at the very least untill you unlock Fire via Contention of Relics.

2. Water is a strong element
Water is strong making it not just a f2p element. Spenders and whales perform VERY well with water, especially those who in the past have succesfully used it with Attila to counter shadow marches reliance on Himiko’s ability.

3. Plug and play passive ability
Most of the 3rd abilities of dragons are harder to proc. You do not have to worry about setting up your passive ToK skills to fit your dragon’s Spring Spell ability – as it procs off of any damage dealt.

4. You can heal your troops
Besides Holy Dragon, Water is the ONLY dragon to heal your units. This is powerful in PvP combat and also save you from dead soldiers when you raid gnomes of Norheim.

5. Possible to build a control-setup with Glyndwr
Glyndwr is one of only two dragons who can control the enemies. His Freeze is very powerful. A Glyndwr teaming up with Attila can be a very powerful control combo.


1. Too many Earth marches
Earth is the cheapest and easiest element to max out as a light spender or streight out whale. This means, you might run into a massive amount of Earth marches which after the 1.9 patch now actually counter your water march.

2. Watch out for Ghengis Khan!
Genghis Khan and Qin Emperor both apply “wounds” debuff which negates all healing on affected units. If Khan / Qin is built right, they can both achieve 100% chance to apply wounds debuff before Glyndwr throws his healing ability.

Published: 06-03-2022