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Dragon Talents: Major and Minor Nodes

In this guide we are going to look deeper into the Dragon Talents trees. Players tend to focus on the Unique Skill Upgrades that are in these trees, but there are hidden gems which are actually more powerful than the unique flashy skill nodes!

Unique nodes

You have Prime nodes which are determined by your specialization. For instance, I have chosen Fissure for my earth dragon in these images. As such, my Dragon’s talent tree is populated by Sandstorm Breath and Earth Roar Prime nodes.

These nodes are on the outskirts of your talent tree. There are 10 ranks to each of the new Prime Specialization Abilities. See images below.

These are unlocked my spending Dragon Elemental Crystals (like we are used to). These can be obtained from gnome bosses (read more).

Furthermore, you need to spend Dragon Essences to unlock each new rank of your specialization ability. These can be obtained in various ways (read more).

Major nodes

There are four types of major nodes on the talent tree. These are located opposite your Prime nodes, meaning you have to fill out your talent tree to reach both Prime nodes and Major nodes.

These nodes are:

  1. Claws: Increases damage dealth by 1%
  2. Robust:Increases Resilience rate by 1%
  3. Armor: Reduces damage taken by 1%
  4. Gaze: Increases accuracy rate by 1%

Minor nodes

There are 6 types of minor nodes around the Dragon Talent Tree. These minor nodes have stat increases to your Immortals physical, magical damage and defense as well as resiliance and accuracy bonuses.

They each have 3 levels which are unlocked with normal Dragon Crystals of the corresponding element type (from gnome bosses).

  1. Physical Attack: Increases physical attack by 30/60/90.
  2. Physical Defense: Increases physical defense by 30/60/90.
  3. Magical Attack:Increases magical attack by 30/60/90.
  4. Magical Defense: Increases magical defense by 30/60/90.
  5. Resiliance: Increases resiliance by 30/60/90.
  6. Accuracy: Increases accuracy by 30/60/90.

Published: 27-12-2022