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Dragon Essences – How to get them?

What is Dragon Essences again? You need dragon essences to upgrade your Dragon Talents introduced with patch 2.3 late august 2022. These talents are very powerful providing you a ton of stats for your Immortals – and more importantly, specialization paths that upgrade your dragons unique abilities in certain ways.

Your dragons will get new more powerful abilities starting at rank 1 which you have to level up spending dragon fragments crystals (from gnome bosses) and Dragon Essences.

Where can I get Dragon Essences?

You can get a total of 45 from one season of IB Prime League and 15 from each season of Throne of the Supreme.

As such, you will need to get out your A-Game and start winning some big bets so you can make sure to clear the shop every season in either location.

Bundles (in-game purchases)

Dragon Essences are also available for purchase via the ingame shop, much like all other items you can earn in IK you can skip ahead of the grind by spending your hard earned lunch money.

The in-game shop offers 18 Dragon essences per week at the following costs:

Bundle Price5$10$20$50$100$
Dragon Essences12357
Price per Essence5$5$6.7$10$14.3$

Published: 20-08-2022