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How to train your dragon (Leveling up costs)

Upgrading your dragon is the most expensive action in the game but also one of the biggest power upgrades you can get your army. Upgrading both dragon level and its skills is paramount to a strong army. Below you see a table for upgrading dragon and info on the cost in gold and time for dragon leveling.

Upgrade: Level up your Dragon

In total we need a whopping 1 billion and 290 million gold to max out our Dragon. This is incredibly hard to get whilst also maintaining boosted Immortals (sometimes in multiple marches). As of the brand new patch 2.6 from July 2023, we now have level 55 as the new maximum level. With the increase from 50 to 55 we are going to need a lot of additional gold! Let’s dive on in to see how much you are going to need for a dragon at max level.

Please take note, that while the information of all dragon levels from 50-55 are provided with all the appropriate buffs (Castle skin, Lord Talents and City position) the lower levels are not always 100% accurate as they are not all provided with the entire buff selection.

LevelGold cost for level upUpgrade Time Cost
H/S Lv 5594,436,6509d 21h 50m 17s
Lv 5589,940,3009d 10h 34m 36s
Lv 5485,042,1009d 6h 28m 23s
Lv 5380,325,350
Lv 5275,786,2509d 0h 53m 31s
Lv 5171,421,9508d 22h 11m 22s
Lv 5067,000,000
Lv 4964,000,000
Lv 4861,000,000
Lv 4758,000,000
Lv 4655,000,000
Lv 4552,000,000Unknown
Lv 4449,000,000Unknown
Lv 4346,000,000Unknown
Lv 4242,298,00024d 21h 17m 51s
Lv 4140,961,000Unknown
Lv 4039,569,000Unknown
Lv 3933,641,000Unknown
Lv 3829,350,00020d 19h 00m 00s
Lv 3725,422,000Unknown
Lv 3621,833,000Unknown
Lv 3518,562,000Unknown
Lv 3415,588,000Unknown
Lv 3313,306,000Unknown
Lv 3211,200,000Unknown
Lv 319,392,000Unknown
Lv 307,729,0006d 20h 00m 00s
Lv 296,242,000Unknown
Lv 285,247,000Unknown
Lv 274,363,000Unknown
Lv 263,581,000Unknown
Lv 252,893,000Unknown
Lv 242,291,000Unknown
Lv 231,858,0003d 08h 00m 00s
Lv 221,483,000Unknown
Lv 211,161,0002d 22h 00m 00s
Lv 20886,300Unknown
Lv 19653,800Unknown
Lv 18512,4002d 10h 30m 00s
Lv 17394,4002d 7h 50m 00s
Lv 16297,000Unknown
Lv 15200,000 + 80 souls1d 12h 00m 00s
Lv 14153,500Unknown
Lv 13110,9001d 4h 00m 00s
Lv 1277,700Unknown
Lv 1152,500Unknown
Lv 1033,600Unknown
Lv 920,000Unknown
Lv 815,00012h 00m 00s
Lv 712,000Unknown
Lv 69,0008h 00m 00s
Lv 56,000 + 20 soulsUnknown
Lv 44,000Unknown
Lv 32,500Unknown
Lv 21,5002h 00m 00s
Lvl 1

Holy and shadow dragon is more expensive

Take note that the holy dragon and the shadow dragon are more expensive to upgrade than the rest of the elements. In fact, the gold required for a holy or shadow dragon level is precisely one increment more than the other elements. As such, a holy or shadow dragon to level 54 costs the same as any other elemental to level 55 as evident below.

The Holy or Shadow dragon at max level is incredibly expensive at nearly 100M gold and 10 days WITH all buffs active.

Difference that buffs make

The buffs make a big difference, especially the gold reduction from the Lord Talents are massive to your gold expenses. But all the buffs, Castle Skin and Mayor position make a big difference. See the below example.

Published: 08-08-2023