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Overview: Dragon Talent Specializations and Nodes

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Talent trees for Dragons!

With patch 2.3 we have an entirely new feature available. Talent trees for Dragons! Each Dragon has a unique talent tree consisting of:

  • Dragon Specialization
  • Prime nodes that alter how the dragons 3 unique abilities work.
  • Small nodes offering different stat-bonuses.
  • Major nodes offering bonus damage / reduced damage taken.

Upgrading your dragon has become more complex than ever.

Let’s get into training your dragons!

Dragon Specialization

Each dragon offer three different specializations. For instance, the earth dragon offer the following three specializations: Collapse, Aftershock and Fissure and the fire dragon has: Wildfire, Calamity and Prairie Fire.

All dragons and their specializations, which specialization you need to choose for which march setup and much more is available in my articles on each of the elemental dragon specializations. See all elemental guides here: Dragon Talent Guides

Each specialization has two unique effects on the dragon’s original abilities. For instance, Wildfire changed the burn on dragon’s breath and removes the critical damage buff from roar and instead provides physical and defense buffs once immortals crit. These are abilities you want to study closely and you MUST think of what your specific march setup is built to do.

There is no “best specialization” there is only best synergy with the Immortal and ToK build you are running.

Prime nodes

You have Prime nodes which are determined by your specialization. For instance, I have chosen Fissure for my earth dragon in these images. As such, my Dragon’s talent tree is populated by Sandstorm Breath and Earth Roar Prime nodes.

These nodes are on the outskirts of your talent tree. There are 10 ranks to each of the new Prime Specialization Abilities. See images below.

These are unlocked my spending Dragon Elemental Crystals (like we are used to). These can be obtained from gnome bosses (read more).

Furthermore, you need to spend Dragon Essences to unlock each new rank of your specialization ability. These can be obtained in various ways (read more).

Major nodes

There are four types of major nodes on the talent tree. These are located opposite your Prime nodes, meaning you have to fill out your talent tree to reach both Prime nodes and Major nodes.

These nodes are:

  1. Claws: Increases damage dealth by 1%
  2. Robust:Increases Resilience rate by 1%
  3. Armor: Reduces damage taken by 1%
  4. Gaze: Increases accuracy rate by 1%

Minor nodes

There are 6 types of minor nodes around the Dragon Talent Tree. These minor nodes have stat increases to your Immortals physical, magical damage and defense as well as resiliance and accuracy bonuses.

They each have 3 levels which are unlocked with normal Dragon Crystals of the corresponding element type (from gnome bosses).

  1. Physical Attack: Increases physical attack by 30/60/90.
  2. Physical Defense: Increases physical defense by 30/60/90.
  3. Magical Attack:Increases magical attack by 30/60/90.
  4. Magical Defense: Increases magical defense by 30/60/90.
  5. Resiliance: Increases resiliance by 30/60/90.
  6. Accuracy: Increases accuracy by 30/60/90.

Moving around the talent tree

You have a large tree, and not all of the buffs and stats are relevant for you. For instance, my earth-wind hybrid main does not benefit from magic damage at all, so why would I want to spend crystals on that? Well I need to move around the talent tree and to do that I need to level up the minor nodes on the tree.

Once you level up a minor node to level 3 you can access the node behind it. As you can see below, the arrows show how I unlock new minor nodes once I level up the first nodes to level 3. After that, it is important to note that you need BOTH sides connecting into a higher node to unlock it. As such, the nodes marked in blue below are required to unlock the node above. The highest node is the Major node here (in gray with arrows towards it). I need to unlock ALL other minor nodes in this section of the tree (blue) to unlock my Major.

Published: 18-08-2022

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