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How to upgrade your Dragon Talent Tree?

In this guide we are going to answer the question I have been getting so many times: How should I upgrade my Dragon Talents?

The answer is: Not like you think. Prioritize Major nodes first. Get both Claw and Armor first, then move to your prefered unique Dragon Skill (read more about major nodes)

Moving around the talent tree

You have a large tree, and not all of the buffs and stats are relevant for you. For instance, my earth-wind hybrid main does not benefit from magic damage at all, so why would I want to spend crystals on that? Well I need to move around the talent tree and to do that I need to level up the minor nodes on the tree.

Once you level up a minor node you can access the node behind it. As you can see below, the arrows show how I unlock new minor nodes once I level up the first nodes.

After that, it is important to note that you need BOTH sides connecting into a higher node to unlock it. As such, the nodes marked in blue below are required to unlock the node above.

The highest node is the Major node here (in gray with arrows towards it). I need to unlock ALL other minor nodes in this section of the tree (blue) to unlock my Major.

Unique nodes

The unique nodes are more difficult. Because these depend on the setup, element and build that you are using. For instance, running Earth-Wind Hybrid you want attack speed as quickly as possible. As such the progression path in Aftershock is:

1. Claw and Armor Major nodes (Green)
2. Sandstorm Breath (Blue)
3. Earth Roar (Purple)
4. Gaze and Robust Major nodes (Grey)

Published: 27-12-2022