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Upgrading dragon talents to 6-6-10

Infinity Kingdom, the popular mobile game, has captivated players with its immersive gameplay and strategic elements. One of the game’s most sought-after achievements is unlocking level 6 dragon talents, which provide significant advantages in battles and overall progression.

However, a discrepancy exists among servers, with some having access to level 6 talents while others remain stuck at level 5. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Infinity Kingdom and explore the relationship between Conquest Season and the unlocking of level 6 dragon talents.

Dragon talents matter

In Infinity Kingdom, players raise and nurture powerful dragons that become formidable assets in both defensive and offensive scenarios. Dragon talents play a pivotal role in enhancing a dragon’s abilities, granting unique skills and attributes. These talents can be leveled up to unlock even greater potential, making them highly coveted among players.

The Divide: Level 5 vs. Level 6 Talents:

Among the vast community of Infinity Kingdom players, a divide exists regarding the availability of level 6 dragon talents. While some servers have the privilege of accessing these higher-tier abilities, others are left with only level 5 talents. This discrepancy has led to debates and discussions within the player base, fueling speculation on the unlocking mechanism as well as some resentment based on the fact that servers with talents 6-6 are matched with servers without it in Server versus Server PvP content (Legion of Frostoborne).

So how do we get it?

Conquest Season is a recurring event in Infinity Kingdom that introduces intense battles and challenging objectives for players. It is during this time that the determining factor for unlocking level 6 dragon talents comes into play. Once a server reaches Conquest Phase 4 (P4), a significant milestone in the event, level 6 talents are unlocked for all dragons across that server.

Conquest Season consists of several phases, each escalating in difficulty and offering unique rewards. Conquest Phase 4 is the ultimate goal for players, as it represents a significant milestone in the event. Reaching P4 requires strong coordination, teamwork, and strategic planning. It is a testament to a server’s collective effort and serves as a gateway to unlocking the coveted level 6 dragon talents.

Unlocking level 6 dragon talents can have a transformative effect on gameplay. These talents grant dragons access to more potent skills, improved attributes, and additional combat capabilities. Players who have access to level 6 talents gain a substantial advantage in battles, allowing them to dominate opponents and progress more rapidly in the game.


In Infinity Kingdom, unlocking level 6 dragon talents represents a significant milestone and a powerful advantage for players. The Conquest Season serves as the determining factor, with servers reaching Conquest Phase 4 unlocking these coveted abilities for all dragons. The pursuit of level 6 talents drives players to push their limits, fostering a competitive environment within the game. As players strategize, coordinate, and aim for conquest, the quest for unlocking dragon talents becomes a thrilling adventure in itself, adding an extra layer of excitement to the immersive world of Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 07-05-2023