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Wind Dragon Fragments – How to get them?

Dragon Fragments are required to “domesticate” your dragons, i.e. upgrading the rank/level on your dragon’s unique abilities. Learn more about how many dragon fragments each rank/level requires here. As well as how to get regular elemental dragon shards from bosses.

Why do we care about a dragon that is insanely difficult to build? We care because wind is extreemly strong. Not only are the stats and bonuses scaled higher than any other element. The wind team is awesome at countering holy marches by relying in wounds from Qin and insane damage from Barca’s and Baldwins with unique artifacts.

Special thank you to player “zzPARTYzz” from server 16 from sharing critical insights on how to achieve a perfect wind dragon farm routine!

Wind Dragon Fragments

Firstly, wind dragon is not for the faint-hearted it’s a long hard grind.  Which I hope pays off in the long run. Following the same path already traveled I anticipate that it will take approximately 120-150 days to complete all the skills to 10.10.10. So here’s what I’ve done to get to where I am, I’m by no means a whale but I’m do spend every day in search of wind crystals constantly.

5 ways to get Wind Crystals

(If you know of others, please let me know)

Listed in no particular order just the order I remembered them for this:

  1. Daily Surprise Packs
  2. ToS
  3. Arena
  4. Dragon Descends Pack
  5. Lucky spins event

1 Daily Surprise Pack

$5 pack

Chance of getting a dragon temple item these can contain either 20/40 or 100 wind crystals.

Buying this pack every day I average 3-5 temples per month with at least one of them containing the 100 crystals.

Approx. 200 crystals per month from this method.

2 Throne of the Supreme

Save everything until the last stage of the shop opens.

4500 coins are needed to buy everything giving a total of 1000 crystals approximately once per month.
Up to now, I have not missed any of the crystals available from ToS. That being said I haven’t got much else from the ToS shop either.

3 Arena

I usually average around 1000 crystals from the arena each season

I try to stay in at least the top 20 I do all 20 challengers each day at a cost of 600 gems per day

Usually, achieve gold II or III level

I focus more on winning each battle than on climbing the ladder that way I make sure that I at least get to open every box down the bottom every day for the points

Don’t spend on anything in the shop other than dragon crystals

4 Dragon descends pack

These packs contain dragon temples which each provide 40 wind crystals

$5 = 1

$10 = 2

$20 = 4

$50 = 8

$100 = 12

I usually only get 5, 10, 20 calculated best value.

This pack comes out usually twice per month.

This method usually enables 560 crystals per month.

5 Lucky spins

In my option the best way to get wind crystals! Read everything about wheel of fortune here.

How to be efficient?

  1. Reset the wheel until is a wind wheel
  2. Do your free spin
  3. Then do spins 5x until you get the crystals
  4. then reset the wheel
  5. repeat until you have done all 50 for the day do this all 3 days

Worst possible outcome is you only get 400 per day or 1200 for the event. However, usually you can collect 2000-2400 per event on average.

You can get lucky some days and collected 1000+ in a single day

Costs a lot of gems but worth it if your chasing those elusive wind crystals. This event is abit spermatic as to when it comes out but averages about 1 and 1/2 times per month.

That’s it hope it helps people in the persuit of those pesky wind crystals! Good luck and have fun!

Published: 07-05-2022