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New mini-game Battle Chess

Patch 2.5 Notes – Update info!

Battle Chess

A brand new mini-game is coming to Infinity Kingdom with update 2.5. We are going to be diving into a new game mode called Battle Chess in which players can compete using our favorite Immortals on the chess board where powerful spells in the form of arcane cards are used by the players to create a magical chess styled battleground. Kill the enemy King and claim victory!

What do we know about Battle Chess?

We know a bit so far. In addition to the imaged I have included in this post (found in the official patch notes) we also have a bit of information as to how this game is going to work.

The setting is the commonly known chess board. However, instead of the traditional chess pieces we are going to be playing with Immortals as pieces on the board. In addition, players are choosing a deck of spell-cards to be used in combat for various different effects, by the looks of the skills they are going to be in line with well known Immortal Ultimate Abilities from the original game.

Chess Pieces

The pieces we have to use have different mechanics and concepts. It seems we are using a piece-unique resource called Stamina for movement as well as Energy Marks to cast spells. By the sounds of the notes the player continuously earns Energy Marks throughout the fight.

This seems the core resource and you can choose to spend these marks on casting the spells cards chosen (you choose a deck of skill cards). Moreover, you as the player spend Energy to summon Immortals to the board (maybe you also have to spend energy marks to use their ability skills, this not very clear to me) but regardless it is going to be a strategy and resource-management game by the looks of it.

Official details on Pieces

1) King: has HP. Each side will generate a King at the beginning of a game, the King will continuously generate Stamina Points. The King can use Stamina Points to move within its side.

2) Immortal: has HP. Requires Energy Marks to use. Immortal pieces will automatically attack enemy pieces and cast skills. Immortal pieces have their own conduct (normal, fixed point, follow, patrol, charge, etc.), passive skills, and energy skills.

3) Arcane Card: has no HP. Requires Energy Marks to use. Move it to any position to use it to cast a King’s skill, producing various effects.

Game mechanics

Victory Conditions: The enemy king reaches 0 Health Point (HP).

Pre-game Preparations: “before a game starts, the players must select 9 pieces from the Immortal and Arcane decks”. Think of games like Magic Card, Pokemon Cards or Hearthstone. In essence, you are creating your deck the same way you set up a march and tower of knowledge skills in real Infinity Kingdom, here we are just choosing Immortals and magical spell cards instead.

Game play: at the beginning of a game, chess pieces will randomly be sorted into the battle zone (6 pieces) or the waiting zone (3 pieces). You can use Energy Marks to put chess pieces into the battle zone. After a chess piece is defeated, it will be sent to the waiting zone.

Immortal pieces will automatically attack enemy pieces and cast skills. Immortal pieces have their own conduct (normal, fixed point, follow, patrol, charge, etc.), passive skills, and energy skills.

Speed-up Mode is a forced game timer. To make sure that a chess game cannot take extreme amounts of time, there is a speed-up Mode mechanic where the players King’s begin to loose HP continuously (eventually killing them). In addition, during this stage of the fight players earn Energy Marks at an increased rate.

How to play?

Event pre-requisite requirements:

1) Players in servers that have completed “Royal Ambition” in the Chronicle will be eligible to participate in this event.

2) Along with the requirement listed above, lords must be level 11 or higher to participate.

How to access Battle Chess?

Tap the Well of Time icon at the lower right of the main page, and you’ll be able to find Battle Chess listed. Battle Chess is available 24 hours a day and as such NOT dependent on specific event dates or times.

Game Modes

To begin with we are going to have only a single game mode available: Entertainment Mode. However, Battle Chess will contain a variety of modes currently under development.

In Entertainment Mode, you can be auto-matched to opponents or invite friends from your alliance to play with.

Patch notes gift event

You can leave any suggestions, opinions, or questions in the comments section of this post https://forum.gtarcade.com/topic/145887

Participation format: Comment in the topic post and leave your Lord ID in your comment post to participate! 20 lords will be selected and rewarded with a gift.

Event deadline (UTC): March 16th, midnight

Read the official Patch 2.5 Notes at: https://infinitykingdom.gtarcade.com/en/news/7016809.html

Published: 10-03-2023